My Personal Passions

I am passionate about taking care of myself by making time to exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. I am also passionate about my financial security, so I work a full-time day job and manage RochesterWomen magazine. I am passionate about being a good mom, spending time with my 12-year-old son on a daily basis and my college-aged children as often as I can. I am also passionate about maintaining relationships with my extended family and friends. When I choose in favor of my passions, I choose with intention for less tension. However, there are days that my passions come in conflict with each other and in those instances, what rises to the top is, of course, my role as a mom. My son had the flu four times this winter, causing me stress. Fortunately, he is old enough to stay home alone while I worked, but what fell to the bottom of the list was taking care of myself. It’s the reality of motherhood, especially single motherhood.

If you can relate to my passions and struggles, you will enjoy many of the articles we have gathered for you for this May/June Mother’s Day issue. We featured my friend Allison Loftus in the May/June 2017 issue, and this year she shares her creative writing and counseling skills with RochesterWomen magazine readers (page 11). Following is our I Am a Beautiful Rochester Woman story about Acasia Wegner, a young heart attack survivor and mother (page 13). Continue on through this issue for Mother’s Day gift ideas and brunch recipes (pages 24-25).

On the cover of this issue is JoMarie Morris who, coincidentally, we featured in the first Spring issue of RochesterWomen magazine 18 years ago. “Climbing Up the Legal Ladder, law partner JoMarie Morris,” written by Amy Swain covered Morris’ single motherhood, law career and challenges she faced as a woman in a male-dominated field. Much has changed in the world since then and for Morris who is now heading the Jeremiah Program in Rochester, helping women and children in at-risk situations move ahead two generations at a time.  

All moms know there’s just not enough time in the day to take care of themselves some days, but I do encourage you to take some time for yourself this Mother’s Day and as often as you can. If you are a mom, thank you for putting so much of yourself into making someone else’s life better. You are appreciated.