Proud of My Life

I recently saw a Facebook post from a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who said, “My friends went off to college or to their chosen job while I went off to serve in the U.S.M.C. When we both look back on our respective lives, they’ll like theirs, but I am DAMN proud of mine.” I honor and respect our veterans for giving their time and lives to serve our country. 

I, too, am DARN proud of the choices I have made. I got married when I was 19 years old. Earned a bachelor’s degree by the time I was 25 years old while supporting myself and living far away from home. I am proud that I became a mom at 26 years old and had two more children. Being a mom comes with demanding hours and little gratitude, especially when it comes to preparing healthy meals that young palettes don’t appreciate. I started RochesterWomen magazine as a home-based business when I was 30 years old, so that I could work from home and be the kind of mom I wanted to be (present). I earned a Master of Business Administration and have had the opportunities to pursue further leadership and project management education. I have completed three sprint triathlons and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I chose to get divorced when I was 41 years old. At 46 years old, I don’t regret not climbing the corporate ladder, making it to every before and after hours meeting or social event with friends. When I am 90 years old, I want to be proud of my life and my decisions too. In the end, I hope I give my children enough and myself enough time to enjoy life.

 I suggest to start reading this issue of RochesterWomen magazine with “Proud To Be Alive” (page 53) and join me for a Women’s Wisdom Workshop this fall. There are lots of great articles in this issue of RochesterWomen magazine that reflect the great things happening in our city, including the community schools (page 11), interpreters in our schools (page 15) and diversity in the workplace (page 18). I hope your family shows their appreciation for all the love you put into preparing healthy meals that are good for their brains (page 43). Go on the Rochester Area Builders Fall Showcase of Homes and Remodelers Home Tour and have your children complete the Junior Builder questions (page 30).

Please join me for coffee on Monday mornings or wine on Friday afternoons this fall. I look forward to chatting with you in person!