“Sisterhood is powerful.” ~ Robin Morgan
“Once women find sisterhood, there’s nothing stronger.” ~ Zoe Kravitz

When I got divorced eight years ago, my single mom “sisters” became my family. I am grateful to have other single women to relate with as we raise our children, change jobs and move ahead. We share struggles, help problem-solve and lift each other up, as well as celebrate our joys and successes.

I also consider you, Rochester Women magazine readers, my “sisters.” We connect over topics, including beauty, fashion, health, homes, food, wine, well-being and work. We are stronger together.

I hope you enjoy reading about the Schmoker sisters who share clothes, humor and family life in Kellogg, Minnesota (p. 19). You can read about a sister trio who run their own clothing business called Sistique Boutique (p. 12) and about the DeWitz siblings who run the home building business their father started (p. 28). If you are looking for sisters to engage with this fall, check out the Sisters Seekers retreat at Good Earth Village (p. 15), Rochester Women’s Fall Expo (p. 14), Renew Women’s Retreat (p. 16) or the Women & Spirituality Conference (p. 21).

In honor of my 50th birthday this fall, I hope you read (and talk about) Sex After 50 (p. 36). Sex is kind of a risky (or should I say risqué) topic to publish, so I appreciate LuAnn Buechler who accepted the writing assignment, my friends who gave us feedback, and our editors who were willing to refine the articles. Because sexuality is so personal, it’s a challenging topic to talk and write about.

Please join us and the Rochester Area Builders for the Fall Showcase of Homes and Remodelers Tour in September (pp. 26-33). Go have fun seeing some new and remodeled homes.

With school upon us, our schedules seem fuller and the days grow shorter, so check out Hot, Fresh and Ready to Serve meal ideas (p. 24). After reading my daughter Tiffany’s article about raindrop therapy (p. 31), I hope that you will be inspired take some time this fall to treat yourself to a massage or even take a walk to smell the rain.

You are beautiful, confident and worthy!