You Are Worthy!

In 2018 Rochester lost a couple of exemplary business women. I got to know Dr. Bonita Patton, age 60, psychologist and owner of Associates in Psychiatry and Psychology (with offices in Rochester, Owatonna, Faribault and Wabasha) and Post Town Winery. I met Nicci Sylvester through Mothers & More 13 years ago and I got to know her through her business. She opened Tonic – Local Kitchen and Juice Bar. She passed away days after her 43rd birthday in November. Each of these women did so much for others, and our community has been impacted by their contributions. What can we all learn from these ladies, who loved life and the people around them? Life is too short to worry (too much), be angry or be miserable. Live for your family and friends, do good for others, take care of yourself, listen to your heart and pursue your passions.


    We leave 2018 with its ups and downs—and wins and losses—and enter a new year. In 2019, we look forward to Kim Norton, Rochester’s first woman mayor, taking office, and we are hopeful that our economy will continue to grow and our city will become even more welcoming. 

    Tiana O’Connor, marketing and communications manager at Rochester International Airport (RST), is featured on the cover of this January/February 2019 issue for commissioning a short film to capture one of RST’s employees (Michelle Nelson) hosting a family from Mongolia through Samaritan’s Purse Children’s Heart Project. The film celebrates our community’s 20-year history supporting this project (page 15). I love hearing about how our community comes together to help those in need.

Along the lines of love and compassion, we give Catherine Ashton, founder of Compassionate Rochester MN (CRM), the opportunity to talk about her travels to China and inspiration for making our city more compassionate (page 26). To become a partner of CRM as an individual or an organization, go to Rochesterwomen magazine has become a partner of CRM. We hope you will too!

Mark your calendars for the 40th Annual Rochester Area Builders Home Show February 8, 9 and 10 at Mayo Civic Center. We are excited to “shine the light” on women working in the lighting industry and lighting trends (page 21). We are also featuring a remodeled home project with lighting to help “brighten up” your winter (page 24). 

Our Rochesterwomen magazine 2019 goal is to help you, our readers, feel beautiful, confident and worthy. You are worth the time to care for yourself, to just be, read a magazine or relax. What are your goals for next year? Come to our Achieve 2019 event (page 47).


I love you,