Dao-Chinese Philosophy on Sex

Perspectives from Master Healer Chunyi Lin
By LuAnn Buechler

Sex is sacred; however, it’s never spoken of in public and even rarely in personal relationships. Yet, it’s a very important part of life. After 50 women may find that they lack sex drive and it can be very painful. Unbeknownst, this is not only a female issue.


According to Master Healer Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, because vibrations of the organs in the body are no longer in sync, sexual performance becomes challenging.

Did you know that sex organs are miniature replications of the entire body system? This is much like in Reflexology, where it’s shown how different parts of the foot reflect each of your organs, thus pain in your feet can identify health challenges in your organs. The same is true in the way the male and female genitals fit together perfectly to massage one another’s meridian points, which reflect on the body functions in the organs. For example, the heart is represented at the back end of the vagina in a woman and the tip of the penis in a man. So when the two connect, heart health is impacted.

The act of sexual intercourse is merging the two beings together as one. They are literally coming together to heal each other, to bring joy and even enlightenment.


Men take little blue pills in hopes of it helping them (perform sexually), but that only lasts for minutes. In his research, Master Lin says this (artificial erection) actually overstimulates the life force, which, in turn, has an adverse effect on the long term health of the man. “You start aging quicker and have more health problems over the long term of your life,” says Lin.

The Dao philosophy looks deeper at this issue. When your body is not ready for sex, the energy is not there, meaning the sex isn’t good for either party. Oh, it may feel good for a few minutes, but in the long term it adversely affects the overall health of both parties. Your sex energy is a part of the longevity of life. It’s about cultivating energy to support your bodily functions. Sex is more than just for joy; it’s for healing the body and creating longevity of life.


Women need time for their sexual energy to be awakened before intercourse. When men ejaculate quickly, the females energy gets stuck in her body—in the breasts, genitals, etc.—and the energy becomes acidic to the body, ultimately creating disease. Our sexual organs are located at the vitality source of our body’s energy.

One kind of energy drives sex and feeds the energy back to the body, which is what Master Lin calls your “life force energy.” So, sex actually strengthens your life force. “Having sex is a longevity regimen,” says Lin.


The body is designed to heal itself in all circumstances using energy. Master Lin recommends a daily Qigong practice integrating posture, movement and breathing techniques, among other practices, to improve mental and physical health. The Chong meridian in the body is harmonizing the Qi energy in the entire body which supports the sex organs.

Lin details very specific steps to creating comfortable and enjoyable sex in couples over 50. A few highlights include identifying time for sex, allowing the first round of excitement to pass, feeling the warmth in your hands and feet, tasting the sweetness of the saliva, and having a women’s legs wrapped around her partner.

At 50 men and women tend to know their sexual preferences. Midlife is a time for confidence, freedom and new adventures.

LuAnn Buechler, owner of PMC Events & Coaching, is a transformational coach.