Improving Health and Wellness: Alternative Healing Modalities Grow in Popularity

There are numerous alternative healing modalities to help heal, reduce stress and anxiety, recharge mind and body and find balance in life. Most people who explore alternative healing have a specific issue they want to address in a natural and holistic manner, while others are seekers, always eager to experience new ways to learn more about themselves and grow.

Being able to pull yourself into a state of mindfulness or meditation brings you to that oh-so-quiet and sacred space to commune with your higher self and allow true healing to happen. Many different options are available in Rochester.

Bodysound Chair 

LuAnn Buechler, transformational trainer and life coach, offers the BodySound chair to her clients to help them achieve a profound state of relaxation and stress reduction. The BodySound chair pipes in layered music with synchronized sounds. There are also vibrations and electromagnetic fields which elicit physical, emotional and
spiritual responses. 

 “During a session,” according to Buechler, “clients typically experience a sense of extreme relaxation, much like meditation.” After a 55-minute session in the BodySound chair, clients are empowered to view their life objectively and make more effective decisions with the support of professional coaching.  

I have had several sessions in the chair and can attest, along with Buechler’s coaching, that the chair helped me identify areas of my life that I wanted to improve. Another client comments, “My experience with the BodySound chair session that LuAnn offers was amazing. I really wasn’t sure what to expect other than hoping for some deep relaxation and calm. The music/sound that goes with the vibrations of the chair put me in a deep state of calm. I have never felt so free.”
If you are interested in learning more about the BodySound chair,

NALU Float

Nalu Float is a new business that recently opened in Rochester. As its name implies, clients float in a floatation tank filled with 10 inches of water and 800 pounds of Epsom salt. The flotation chamber itself is a dark, soundproofed, sensory deprivation tank where clients float in the salt water. Sessions last for 90 minutes. Just the thought of 90 minutes of silence is enough to make most people want to experience floating. 

Owner Jon Maki says that during a session many people find that day-to-day “hindrances seem to melt away.” He adds, “During the first 20 minutes of a float session clients get used to the silky smooth sensation of the solution as their minds settle down.” Frequently, Maki says, floaters will experience visions, dreams or flashes of childhood memories long forgotten. Because the float tanks are dark and quiet, many people who float report a feeling of rebooting their mind. They look inward, much the same as one does while meditating, and in the silence, people can hear blood flowing through their veins and the life-affirming rhythmic beating of their heart. Maki recommends trying three sessions to see if floating is for you. 

If you decide to float, allow yourself some time to adapt to this unique therapy. Maki says that people experience relief from fibromyalgia and depression, sharpened eyesight and hearing and improved creative thoughts for several days after a float. For more information, visit

Healing Touch

Healing touch is a modality that helps restore and balance a person’s energy. The body’s energy can get out of sync due to illness, injury, stress, grief, surgery or medications used for various medical conditions. Healing touch practitioners offer clients energy healing by either touching or not touching a client, depending on the
client’s preferences. 

Val Willis, a healing touch practitioner, says that healing touch is beneficial to people who are in a lot of pain because “it alters the way people deal with the pain.” People who have experienced healing touch report a variety of sensations from feeling tingly and relaxed, to a deep sense of relief from stress and anxiety. Others describe having vivid dreams or thinking about things they wouldn’t normally think about. For more information on healing touch or to schedule an appointment, call Val Willis at 507-319-3963.

Give it a Whirl

There are numerous alternative healing modalities available to explore. I encourage you to approach alternative healing with an open mind and heart. Be willing to experiment and see what works for you. You may be surprised to find that these so-called “alternative” healing therapies are actually truly healing, restorative and life-enhancing experiences. 

Cindy Mennenga, owner of Straight-Talk Wellness, is a health coach and freelance writer based in Rochester.