Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program – resilient living World-class Pampering for Mom

Mother’s Day is about honoring what moms go through when they are pregnant with you, when you colored on the furniture with permanent markers, when you and your brother kicked a hole in the wall pretending to be ninjas or that time you stayed out late and forgot to call to tell her you were okay. It’s safe to say mothers go through a lot of stress. Mother’s Day is a great way to make sure she remembers to take care of herself first before taking care of others. 


Mayo Clinic offers many great programs for healthy living, with resources for all types of people. The Mayo Clinic Resilient Living Program, open to the public, is specifically targeted to those who have stress in their lives, such as patients, loved ones of patients and, of course, mothers. It is designed to motivate and teach those who want to explore new ways of healthy living or discover something new about themselves. 

Mayo Clinic Resilient Living Program 

Mayo Clinic Resilient Living, defined as managing and growing from life’s challenges, is a program developed by leading psychologists and physicians with the backing of numerous studies and research on resiliency. Located in the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (DAHLC), the Resilient Living Program is either a two-day or a half-day experience. Each experience involves the Healthy Living Program’s three pillars of healthy living: exercise, nutrition and resiliency. The half-day experience includes classes on exercise, nutrition and self-help, along with a featured speaker. The two-day experience includes additional classes and features three different speakers. Each month has a new theme, allowing people the option of participating during a month that may be more tailored for their health and wellness needs. 

Program Manager Heather Preston describes how participants, “can ‘get away’ without the burden or disruption of travel.”

“A world-class experience is right here in Rochester,” Preston says. “Our clinical and wellness experts will expose you to many fun and innovative classes and strategies that will not only benefit you, but also people that you interact with in your daily life.”

Gratitude for a Happy Life

Major themes in the program are gratitude and mindfulness. It places an emphasis on feeling gratitude for one’s self, opportunity and those around them. It also brings up the mindfulness in each individual’s life. Matthew M. Clark, Ph.D., L.P., psychologist and medical director of resiliency programming at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, explains, “It’s about being kinder to ourselves,” which isn’t always easy to do when we have a laundry list of things to get done every day. 

Exercise is a very important part of stress relief, and the instructors get it! They make you feel comfortable as you explore movement. Try out a relaxing yoga class by candlelight, tai chi or a new type of exercise combining suspension training with flowing yoga poses. 

If you think of stress relief, chances are meditation comes to mind. The program’s meditation class isn’t what you might imagine. Participants don’t sit cross-legged, chanting “om” over and over again, while trying to reach some spiritual connection with the universe. 

At the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, meditation is something that should be part of your daily routine. Teachers discuss what individuals can do to meditate each and every day, then guide the group through that meditation. “By focusing your attention, you are able to eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress.  Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health,” says Preston. 

Participants will walk out of the class with a new perspective on meditation and also feeling very relaxed. This program isn’t all about exercise and meditation. We could all use a little help when it comes to learning more about healthy eating, but what about mindful eating? Participants do just that. Exploring flavors, textures, and, obviously, delicious food are just a few things you’ll get out of these nutrition classes. 

Relax and Rejuvenate

If you’re a mom, you’ll definitely want to spend some time in the Rejuvenate Spa on the DAHLC’s sixth floor. The moment you step into the waiting room, you’ll enjoy a refreshment and settle into the calming ambiance, feeling the stress fade away. The spa is complete with locker rooms to store your items, a comfy robe and take home slippers, a steam room and a whirlpool. 

As part of the experience, the integration of spa and wellness is also part of the Resilient Living Program. Every participant receives a $50 credit to the Rejuvenate Spa. The credit can be used for any of their services, including massage, facials or body wraps. I recommend the sea scrub body treatment and the renewing body wrap. As part of the program, time is set aside throughout the day to offer you the opportunity to visit the spa, or if you are too busy taking relaxing and learning, the credit is valid for up to one month after you’ve completed the program. All spa services are open to the public and offer a wide variety of packages specific to your needs. Spa services are also available individually, if you’re looking for a skin treatment or massage only. 

When you feel fully rejuvenated, visit the seventh floor and gaze at the beautiful living wall, or step out onto the patio that overlooks downtown Rochester. The best way to end your experience is living everything you learned.

Give the Gift of Well-being 

With the different options in packages, the Mayo Clinic Resilient Living Program is a great gift option. Mayo offers gift certificates for the program or spa services. The half-day program costs  $250, and the two-day program is $750. Spa services vary in price from $15 to $155. There are also several exercise, resiliency and nutrition classes available, if an all-day experience isn’t your thing. Ranging in price from $10 to $60, these classes still have a lot to offer at a very affordable price. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, your mother or yourself–because we all get stressed– the Resilient Living Program and Rejuvenate Spa have something to offer everyone. 

Find Out More

Information about Mayo Clinic Resilient Living and Rejuvenate Spa services can be found online at Feel free to stop by the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center’s fifth or sixth floor to ask the staff about the program. Call the program at 507-293-2966 with any questions or to make a reservation for your spa services.

By Caitlin Summers, a local certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.