Sister Seekers

Connecting women through spirituality
By Terri Allred

It seems that we are increasingly disconnected from each other and busy.  Many of us, as women, are looking for authentic connections, and we yearn to explore our spirituality in a safe and supportive environment. Diane Anderson, Marie Neher and Donna Magtibay came together as Sister Seekers to create just those opportunities. 

Anderson is a master’s prepared nurse who coaches in stress management. Neher is a healing arts practitioner with a master’s degree in education. Magtibay is also a healing arts practitioner with a master’s degree in naturology. They are all Reiki practitioners and Shamanic healers. They are concerned that people are so isolated and busy that they don’t find time to connect with others in meaningful ways.


Neher explains, “Reality is being, not doing. We are human beings, not human doings.”  She, along with her colleagues, wants to provide people with an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel of busy-ness on which so many of us are stuck. They see exploration of personal spirituality as a particularly valuable way to do that. In their understanding, spirituality is an individual’s sense of relationship to the source, the divine or god. It has to do with your own sense of being and interconnection with universal one-ness. People can be spiritual without being religious, or they can be both spiritual and religious. They understand religion as the shared practice of a set of beliefs. They further suggest that religion is talking and doing, while spirituality is listening.

While Sister Seekers are creating opportunities for connection and spiritual reflection, they also believe that the setting for those experiences is important. Their preferred setting is nature. Neher shares, “It is so important to connect with nature. Some cultures don’t even have a word for nature because they don’t see it as separate. We need a connection to nature to help connect spiritually. The connection to nature helps people to find a different part of ourselves that gets lost.”


Sister Seekers is hosting a retreat in October designed to be a transformative experience of self-discovery, spiritual awareness, renewal and connection to other women. Participants will find community with others during meals, a morning movement/meditation session and informal gathering times. A variety of break-out sessions will provide opportunities for women to explore their spirituality in a safe and supportive environment.

Good Earth Village will provide a lovely setting for the built-in free time to reflect and relax. Just taking time away from their normal routine can be transformative for people. The programs helps women do reflecting that can transform or set new directions to their life, career and family.

The structure of the retreat will give women an opportunity to do some deep introspective thinking in a safe environment, where their voice can be heard without judgment. Participants will have the opportunity to find peace and a sense of purpose away from their usual busy life, as well as  the opportunity to connect, share and talk with other women. That in itself can be a deep healing experience.

Sister Seekers Retreat
October 10, 4 p.m. to October 13, 10 a.m.
Good Earth Village

Break-out sessions (choice of four):

  1. Access Your Inner Wisdom
  2. Self-Care: How to Clear and Heal your Chakras
  3. Build a Mindful Brain
  4. The Joy of Gratitude
  5. Communicating with your Guardian Angels
  6. Journeying

    In addition to the break-out sessions you will have an opportunity to receive a Reiki treatment. There will also be group healing ceremonies, craft projects, a time to connect with other women, space for deep reflection and laughter.

For more information about Sister Seekers, their fall retreat or their other services, visit

Terri Allred is SE Regional Coordinator for the Minnesota Council for Nonprofits.