Traci Natoli Looks and Feels Better in Less Than a Year

Wouldn’t it be great if losing weight was as easy as spending money or doing things we enjoy? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Getting motivated to lose weight is the first step toward a happier, and healthier you.

Medifast to the Rescue

“I did not like to see myself in photos, and I had very little energy,” explains Traci Natoli. Feeling dissatisfied with how she looked and felt prompted Traci to do something about her weight. “My biggest motivation was my family. I want to be here for my husband, children and grandchild and to be able to have the energy to enjoy life.”

After struggling with her weight for many years and trying a couple of weight-loss programs on her own without success, Traci turned to Medifast. She decided to try Medifast because of the great things she had heard and seen about the program. In October 2015, Traci finally found the courage to visit the Medifast location in northwest Rochester and inquire
the program. 

 After being on Medifast for 10 months, Traci says, “I enjoy many benefits of going to Medifast, especially the personal one-on-one counseling and support I received from the counselors at the center here in Rochester. The structure and simplicity of the plan make it very easy to follow. The team at Medifast help me stay on track and stay focused even with a very busy schedule.” 

Less than a year later, Traci has lost 52 pounds and 45 inches. “I feel so much better in so many ways. I have more energy, higher self-esteem and (am) just generally healthier and happier,” she says. Traci is working hard, through holidays and trips, to reach her weight-loss goal.

Finishing Touches

RochesterWomen magazine wanted to help Traci celebrate her weight loss and put the finishing touches on her new look with style. We asked Jessica Amos, owner of Hair Studio 52 & Day Spa, to provide a makeover and invited Jennelle Stemper, owner of Mainstream Boutique, to help Traci find an outfit. Both women happily offered their products and services. 

The day before the makeover and photoshoot, Traci headed down to Mainstream Boutique to find clothing. “The ladies at Mainstream Boutique are fantastic. Janelle and Kyra were so helpful and made the experience so much fun,” Traci shares.

The following morning, she was greeted and treated by Jessica “Jade” Handt at Hair Studio 52 & Day Spa. “Jade was amazing. She did my hair and makeup and made me feel so pampered and special,” Traci says. 

That afternoon, Traci met Mike Hardwick to capture the glamour and the glowing smile that Traci wears wherever she goes in celebration of her newfound health, wellness and confidence. 

Jorrie Johnson is the publisher and editor of Rochester Women magazine and, more importantly, the mother of three children.