Weekend for Women – Discover a passion you never knew you had at the Women’s Spring Weekend

0037Empowerment, encouragement and enthusiasm. These three powerful words will come alive at the “She Is” Women’s Spring Weekend, May 18–20, at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center outside of Lanesboro.

    The all-women event (formerly known as the Women in the Outdoors program) offers indoor and outdoor activities. Fly fishing, canoeing, biking, rock climbing, firearms, crafting and of course Eagle Bluff’s Tree Tops Ropes Course are a few of the more than 20 activities offered. Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and safety-conscious, and they teach participants everything they need to know about a given class.

    “This Women’s Spring Weekend event offers an environment that gives women the opportunity to try something new or enjoy classes they already love, in a comfortable and safe environment where empowerment and encouragement abound,” says Cara Madsen, executive director of She Is. “When women get together and empower each other, the enthusiasm is contagious.”

Challenge yourself

The event encourages women to try things they have never done before, like learning how to fish or steering a canoe and even conquering a fear of heights.

    “I had a woman a few years back who did not like guns and wanted nothing to do with them,” recalls Madsen. “She came to the weekend and her friend signed up for a shotgun class. She watched her friend, and then she gave it a try. I saw this same woman recently, and she thanked me for giving her the opportunity to change her mindset on firearms, and she now shoots on a sporting clay league and loves it.

Grab your girlfriends

Women’s Spring Weekend atracts women from all walks of life and all parts of the country.  It is a great event for sisters, friends, mothers, daughters and even grandmothers.  Some even make it an annual get-together.  Whatever the participants’ motivation, the weekend provides a fun, relaxing time to learn something new and meet new friends in the beautiful bluff country of southeastern Minnesota. 

   “We are about making memories for everyone,” says Madsen.  “Great class offerings and instruction, beautiful scenery in Lanesboro at EAgle Bluff Envionmental Learning Center, and a great experience that comes from the empowerment, encouragement and enthusiasm that only a group of women can generate.”

Pre-registration is required and limited to 150 participants.  For more information on this event and other She Is events, visit sheis.ws or email sheis@integra.net.  

Janette Dragvold is a freelance journalist, farmer and landscaper in rural Lanesboro.