Bringing Color into your Home

Instill energy and life in your space with these shade trends
By Trish Amundson

Does your home decor resemble the hazy, pale shades of winter?  If so, spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with a pop of color. Different shades of well-chosen accessories and accents can round off your interior color palette, bringing energy and life into your space. The latest trends include the 2020 Color of the Year—Classic Blue—and other popular hues that are influencing home furnishings and decor. You’ll find that adding a little color can make a big difference.  


The Pantone Color Institute announced its 2020 Color of the Year, describing it as “a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next.” From the entryway to the kitchen, living room and bedroom, Classic Blue can be worked into your color scheme as a bold accent or with subtle decor that blends with existing pieces.

“There are many ways to bring Classic Blue into your living areas,” says Cindy Jo Dickson, founder and creative director of LUX Design Studios. “Keep in mind,” she says, “just because ‘the color’ is Classic Blue doesn’t mean you can’t use variations of it, such as beachy blues, greens and textures—and natural wood elements.” You can also consider layering shades of blue.


“One of the best ways to add color with lighting is through the use of glass pendants over an island or table,” says Greg Gill, president of Northern Lights & Furnishings, which offers a wide variety of lighting solutions and home decor. “Pendants can be either standard- or low-voltage, with a wide range of colors and styles.” They are available at a variety of prices and can be easily changed when you want to go with a different look. 

“Lighting styles and designs are always changing,” says Gill. “Fixtures in black are a growing segment of the lighting industry.” He explains that the modern farmhouse look and new, contemporary styles with integrated LED light sources are very popular right now. Whether you prefer a bit of blue or sleek black, your lighting could be the finishing touch in your color scheme.


An eye-catching stone wall can bring in different pigments and serve as a focal point. Known for its durability and elegance, stone requires little maintenance and has unlimited applications. “Our blue onyx can be backlit and is one of our best sellers. It’s timeless,” says Dickson. “With the blue, gray and warm gold tones, it instantly warms up a space.” The real stone is quarried from all over the world.  

“Each project is so unique, but a few of our strongest selling materials are white onyx, Calacatta gold marble and our river shell mosaic panels, which pair beautifully with Classic Blue,” she says. “Good design should fundamentally be about what you ‘feel’ when you walk into a space.” 


Tile accents are another way to integrate color, but they also will be more permanent. “In smaller doses, this could be a great option,” says Jessica Curry, interior designer, certified kitchen designer and owner of Interiors by J. Curry.

“I really like pulling in some mustard tones, various rich yellow tones or saddle brown leathers for a more subtle accent with added texture,” says Curry. She points out that a refrigeration brand recently introduced a new color option to their line, which is saffron—a vibrant shade of yellow. “Appliances can be significant accent pieces in today’s kitchens, as vendors are coming out with more color options,” she says.

Painting a wall also can transform your space, as well as painting a bookshelf or even just the back of a bookshelf. “Greenery or whites and blacks can tie in with everything and anything and still provide crisp yet bold contrast,” she says, while noting green also is a desirable color for her to decorate with. “Anything from moody dark greens to fresh mint or leaf green can make a gorgeous accent piece,” she says.


Classic Blue and other shades can easily and affordably find their way into your home. “Just adding some patterned throw pillows, lamp shades and rugs will bring an instant ‘on-trend’ update to your space,” explains Dickson. “I am also a fan of adding pottery pieces, vases and table linens in shades of blue.” And how about navy curtains or a blueberry boucle pouf?

With her company, Seasons, Jodi Hart is busy refreshing her inventory for spring trends, including pillows, candles, throws and other home decor that incorporate blue. “Textiles are a huge, quick and inexpensive way to add that Classic Blue into your home,” she says. Small kitchen updates are another great option. From dishware, napkins and rugs, to adding a blue teapot to the stovetop, the possibilities are endless. “A touch of color through florals also makes a room come alive,” she adds. 


“The great thing about Classic Blue is it fits in well with the gray and white palettes that a lot of new homes are putting in,” says Hart. “It also goes with taupe and espresso in the warm palette.”  

With a variety of practical uses, current color trends can work for everyone in ways both big and small. With some creative insights, you can decorate with different shades in 2020 and bring new life into your home successfully.

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