Creating Holiday Interest


Whether it’s simply adding a wreath to the door or going all out by decorating the front of your house, fresh Christmas greens, alone or adorned, go a long way in making your house festive for the holiday season.

Front door
Just by itself on a velvet hook over your door, the lavish blue-green of an elegant conifer wreath makes an inviting entryway.

If you wish to dress it up a bit, use florist’s wire (found at craft stores) to add a festive bow, a few well-placed Christmas ornaments—maybe an old favorite that retired from the tree long ago—glittery tinsel or a few picks of silk or artificial berries.

Be sure to wire the additions to the framing on the back of the wreath so it stays secure, and you will have a custom-made wreath in no time.


Outdoor pots
Potting up your outdoor containers with fresh spruce tops—carried by most florists—is a great way to add a holiday accent (avoid terra cotta planters since they tend to crack and break in the cold Minnesota winters). Plant the tops in your pots filled with potting soil, then water. The water will freeze them into place and keep them fresh all season. You can also incorporate other seasonal greenery, matching berries, ornaments, tinsel or ribbon and bows to match the wreath on your front door.

Fences, posts and side of the house
Fresh evergreen garland accents the front of the house nicely. Keep it simple by using it unembellished to frame your front door or trace a fence or other architectural structures. Add a few pops of color by accenting with ribbon or bows. If you’ve run out of time to make bows, order a few at the florist’s when you order your garland, then just go home and put them up.