Pesky Problems

…and their fixes
By Holly Galbus

The zipper on your favorite pair of dress pants breaks. Your vacuum cleaner is making those funny noises again. You’ve just booked your dream vacation but are worried the luggage you’ve used for years may not make it through another airport carousel ride. Pesky problems are those little annoyances that pop into our daily lives—something breaks or becomes worn or damaged—and make us wonder, “Is it time to buy a new one, or is there someone who might be able to fix this?” If you choose to repair (thus saving money and landfill space) there are local businesses that can transform your broken, worn or damaged items into like-new, serviceable items once again.


Rochester Appliance Service, located at 1533 2nd Avenue NE, repairs a wide range of vacuums, VCRs, small appliances and lamps. They have a combined experience of 70 years in appliance repair. Dan Durgin, who has worked as a technician there since 1989, says he is able to repair most items brought to the shop in just a few days. And in an emergency, or for customers coming from out-of-town, he will do the work immediately. They offer free estimates and a 60-day warranty on all repairs.
Durgin says it is often much more cost effective to repair an item than to buy new. One item often brought in is a microwave oven. “Those which are mounted over the stove can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 new, or more if it is a convection microwave,” he says. “We can repair for $90 to $100, and it will be just as good as new.” Another item often seen is a mixer, as Rochester Appliance is the only authorized KitchenAid repair center in the area. Again, a repair is considerably less than purchasing new: $20 to $30 for minor repair, $80 to $120 for a major repair, versus buying new at $250 to $400.
Rochester Appliance Service is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Trester Tailor, located at 521 North Broadway Avenue #5, does alterations and repairs on clothing for women, men and children. Owner Danni Trester opened her shop in early 2017 but has been doing tailoring for more than 12 years. The Trester name has a long history in the tailoring industry—the first Tresters, who came to the U.S. from Germany, were tailors and master cutters. In the 1880s the family owned A. Trester and Sons, a clothing shop in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Trester’s shop includes relics from those early days.
Trester offers many common alterations, such as hemming, with prices that range from $16 for pants to $20 to $50 for skirts and dresses. Zipper replacement costs between $30 and $80, and denim repair starts at just $5. She also does more specialized alterations on social wear (including bridesmaids’ dresses and tuxedos) and military uniforms, and she can also resize clothing due to weight fluctuations.
Most alterations are completed within eight days, and an appointment is required. Trester’s video tutorial series,, launched in May.


Brothers Mike, Tony and John Derouin repair shoes, zippers and leather goods at their shop, Thee Only Shoe Repair, located at 908 North Broadway Avenue. The business, which was originally located on historic Third Street, has been in the family since 1963, when their father, Jim, purchased it. It’s one of the few remaining shoe repair shops in the area.
Their most requested services include: new sole and heel (women’s $20, men’s $65), shoe stretching ($10 to $15), purse and luggage repair, zippers, rivets, handles and sporting equipment repair.
They offer free estimates and most repairs are completed within two to five days. Call 507-289-2932 for updated hours.