Red Decor



Red is one of those colors that gets noticed! Bold, bright and beautiful—red is the color of passion and power. The color most frequently associated with love and romance, red is also a stimulating color that grabs our attention. It’s no mistake that red is used on stop signs and fire engines. Red even has its own special day: Valentine’s Day!


Indeed, red is the predominant color theme at Red44, a new luxury apartment community located a stone’s throw from Apache Mall in Rochester. Red44 boldly utilizes red strategically throughout its common areas by incorporating the color in some of its accent pieces, while in other areas an entire wall has been washed in red. Their interior designer even chose to include paintings with a splash of red here and there, to tastefully pull the various design elements together without overpowering the space. As a result, the overall look is tasteful, sophisticated and elegant. 


Red44 Property Manager Rachel Aljets shares that the response to their decorating theme has been overwhelmingly positive. She says, “Red44 is upscale and more typical of luxury communities found in the Twin Cities.”


Have you ever noticed a red front door to someone’s home? It’s nearly impossible to miss, because the color makes a statement. A red front door has a lot of history and significance in many cultures. The Chinese consider red doors to be lucky and many will paint their doors red at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Devotees of feng shui believe a red door—considered to be the mouth of the home—welcomes chi (the life-giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit) into the home.  

In America’s earliest days, a red door implied that travelers were welcome to stop for a meal and to rest their horses, while in Scotland a red door signified a celebration that the homeowner’s mortgage had been paid off. During the Protestant Revolution in 16th-century Europe, many congregations painted their church doors red to indicate that they were part of the Reformation movement. 

The reasons for a red door are plentiful. Some folks paint their door red simply because they love the color, which comes in many shades.


Incorporating red as an interior design element adds drama to nearly any room. If you’re curious about incorporating red into your home, but you’re not sure if you want to dive in with a red wall or red furniture, you could dabble in red by adding small red gadgets or decorative pieces. Decorating with red accent pieces is a fantastic way to add a dash of red, without overpowering a room. 

Dwell Local in Rochester has several fun accent pieces that would add drama and charm to any home. A red plaid throw blanket draped over a chair will add a pop of color, while red candles add romance and warmth to the room. By the way, Dwell Local has a wide selection of charming home accent pieces and unique one-of-a-kind gifts suitable for many occasions (like Valentine’s Day).   

Karen Blissenbach, owner of Design Studio B shares, “Red has come a long way. There’s a new reference for red—it’s more stylish now.” 

In the great room, an accent rug with red woven into the pattern will add warmth and positive energy to the room. When combined with a red accent wall, the two design elements can make a powerful impact. One tip from various designers: Using too much red, like red walls and red furniture, can bring too much energy into a room and make it uncomfortable for visitors. It’s best to incorporate red into various aspects of a room, rather than to decorate a room monochromatically in red.


If you feel bold, red countertops, red cabinets or a red wall will make a statement. Less overt, but still impactful would be a red backsplash or red accent lights over an island. 

Real Deals in Rochester has a variety of kitchen hand towels with red accents, along with eye-catching red canisters, salt & pepper shakers and decorative bakeware.

Cook’s Pantry is another fantastic store that carries numerous items in fire-engine red. They have several red teapots in various shapes and sizes, aprons with a burst of red and beautiful red coffeemakers. Of course, as their name implies, they have every kind of kitchen gadget and cooking utensil you can imagine—the selections in red are seemingly endless.

Another way to introduce red into a kitchen is to add artwork with a dash of red, or include a red chair or stepstool. Some folks have even painted their kitchen ceilings red—which adds high drama to an otherwise seldom noticed area of the home.


Decorating a bedroom in red can create excitement on a grand scale: A bold red accent wall and a bed decked out in red, black and white bedding helps create that refined wow-factor we all want in the master bedroom. 

Utilizing red in the master bathroom is a sharp look: When used in combination with black and white, red adds pizzazz to the room. Red is often incorporated into the bathroom via a red-painted accent wall, inset red tile in the shower or as an added accent on a vanity backsplash. Accessorizing the bathroom with color-coordinated or contrasting towels, mirrors, shower curtain, bath mat or window treatments will complement the overall look of the room.  


Red is a bold and striking color and when used sparingly—truly, a little bit goes a long way—it can make a powerful impression. The sky’s the limit with creative design elements that can be incorporated in the home. If you are thinking of decorating with red, consider getting ideas from Pinterest and local home accessories stores to determine how you want to incorporate red into your home before you proceed. Your challenge: Dare to go red and see if anyone notices.


Cindy Mennenga is a freelance writer and along with her husband John, owns Conspectus Home Inspection Services, LLC based in Rochester. Visit for more information.