Remodelers Corner: Nov/Dec 2012

remodelers-corner-novdec2012Before Nick and Connie Maragos met Dave Reynolds of Reynolds Design and Construction, they had two separate basements divided by an unusable crawl space. They couldn’t go from one side of their basement to the other without going outside. Other contractors had told them that digging out the crawl space was not feasible, but as they visited with Dave—who thought it could be done—his contagious vision inspired them to believe in the possibilities.

 To remove the crawl space, Dave jackhammered and hand dug the wall out, which took a skid loader and a week to accomplish. He then poured footings and walls to support the dirt and keep it from kicking out from the ground pressure while he tied the new wall into the existing foundation. Last, he reorganized the lower level floor plan to improve flow and connectivity, extended the family room and added a wine cellar and bathroom where the crawl space had been.

“He reconfigured the whole lower level,” says Connie. “He has such a beautiful eye for design… He had an incredible vision of what it could be.”

The concept of “deliberate design” dictates Reynolds’ philosophy and approach to remodel projects. “That’s the biggest thing for me in design and additions,” says Reynolds. “You want it to seem like it was always there and it was a timeless design.”

Reynolds’ changes did that. The project made two inefficient, cramped spaces into one expanded, comfortable one, giving the Maragos entertainment space and functionality.

“The best possible thing is that we now love our lower level and we use our lower level like we never
have before. We have parties, and it seems to be the place to go,” says Connie. “The impossible became possible, and for that we are really thankful.”

Linda Lia is a freelance writer living in Rochester.