Stylish trends that will floor you: Popular flooring options for your home

Are you considering new flooring as part of a home makeover or construction? From carpet and wood flooring to tile, luxury vinyl planks, concrete finishes and more, the options are plentiful. Local flooring experts are a great resource and can help you sort through the thousands of choices. As you shop around, you will see familiar products and learn about innovative ideas. You might be surprised by new flooring trends that offer not only style and durability, but possibly the best long-term solutions for your home.  



We are definitely seeing a variety of fun things in flooring,” says Missy Bakken, owner of DeGeus Tile and Granite and DeGeus CarpetsPlus. “More and more people are starting to introduce textures and designs into their flooring.”  

The vintage look is in, and tiles with retro designs for both floors and walls are extremely popular. The use of textures and different surfaces on floors, countertops and backsplashes adds creativity and helps make a room stand out. Tile flooring, which has long been recognized for its style and performance, along with granite and quartz materials are all very functional and available in many colors and patterns. 



Vinyl flooring has evolved, and today, many consumers are installing luxury vinyl products throughout their homes. “This is the fastest growing flooring surface in the last five years,” says Bakken. Luxury vinyl flooring looks like real wood or tile flooring, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Many homeowners are mixing grays and wood tones, which are commonly used colors.

Darren Groteboer, president of Carpet One, sees similar trends. “Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are ‘all the buzz’ right now,” he states. “In general, hard surfaces are trending more than ever.” In addition to grays and wood tones, he notes light coastal colors also are gaining popularity. Luxury vinyl products have an advantage over traditional wood and tile flooring because they are significantly less expensive, and they are waterproof and extremely durable. 

“While carpet continues to be the preferred floor covering in bedrooms and basements, we are starting to see customers select luxury vinyl products in these areas too,” adds Groteboer. “Many builders are even deferring to luxury vinyl products in new construction rather than traditional wood floors. The product looks so authentic that it’s very difficult to tell the difference.” 



No longer just for the garage, finished concrete flooring is another current trend. “Finished concrete floors have become a logical choice because of the great value they deliver as well as the numerous design and customization options available to fit any style,” says Jason Trihey, owner of Dapper Surfaces.

The ever-growing attraction to finished concrete floors also can be attributed to their durability. “They are sustainable and do not need to be replaced,” says Trihey. “I’ve seen a shift from reddish-brown and walnut—earthy tones—to a more modern minimalist gray genre over the last 10 years or so.” For the last few years, gray has been the top choice. 

Other advantages of concrete include low maintenance and increased indoor air quality, because it is not susceptible to water damage and doesn’t support the growth of mold and mildew. “Keep in mind that the condition of the concrete to be finished greatly influences the cost and can limit the design options,” explains Trihey. “Also, finishing smaller spaces or one room can be cost-prohibitive and impractical based on the amount of equipment and process steps required to finish a project. Typically, costs are comparable to other hard surface flooring options unless extensive removal, repair, preparation or resurfacing is needed. 



Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.