Winning Design – Layout and functionality garner acclaim for modern farmhouse

0007Dairy farmers Anne and Don Borgschatz were not surprised when their modernized farmhouse in Plainview won the 2011 Rochester Area Builder’s Fall Showcase of Homes People’s Choice award.

    “I knew that we liked the house, and that other people who had come through the house liked it,” Anne said. “I think it won because of the layout. We are farmers so our business is not just a business; it is a lifestyle, so we have to have things in a certain order to make sense. The comment that I heard most often was that it is a very practical house.”

    The home was custom built by David Derby Construction, but the Borgschatz family heavily influenced the design, having painstakingly planned the project years in advance.

    “We spent a lot of time looking at plan books. We knew what we wanted on the exterior and what we needed on the inside,” Anne said. “We went to the Rochester Area Builder’s Home Show for five or six years straight. Knowing what we wanted, looking at plans and picking bits and pieces, we formed a plan that David was able to execute.”

    Building to replace their 1904 farm house, Anne relishes the modern conveniences. “Coming from a really old house, the fact that the house doesn’t fight me to do everyday chores is my favorite aspect of our home. I can do the wash and take a shower and plug in more than one appliance at a time.”

    Layout was carefully planned. “The best functioning room is the office right off the entry. It is completely separate so people coming in for business don’t have to walk through the house or see the kids’ clutter.”

Repeat winner

After researching at least half a dozen local builders, the Borgschatz family hired David Derby Construction. “He seemed to know what I wanted and didn’t try to talk me into something I wasn’t interested in,” Anne said. “We worked really closely with three contractors in the final stages before we chose David. He also was one of the most reasonably priced contractors.”

    David Derby Construction is a repeat winner in the People’s Choice category after picking up the honor last year.

    “When people toured the home, I heard a variety of aspects they liked, mostly our interior finishes and the design,” David said. “A custom home to me is an artistic expression of the homeowner. It is my job to take their thoughts and ideas and make them a masterpiece. My favorite part of being a custom builder is the finished product and happy customers. Being able to sit down in the home that you and the homeowners created and having a good laugh about what it took to get there.”

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Susanne Novak is a freelance writer who dreams of a future custom home featuring an enormous walk-in pantry, functional closets and ample storage.