Take It From Me


It’s confession time. For years, I’ve fantasized about having my own advice column. What a thrill it would be to receive angst-filled letters from loyal readers and then wave a magic wand of wisdom over their predicaments.

It’s not that I think I have magical wisdom. If true, my own life would be considerably less messy! But I do believe in the power of words, especially when they are from complete strangers. I could be that stranger!

I’d need a catchy pen name to establish credibility. “Dear Amy” is sort of dull and already taken. It’s also hardly anonymous. With a pseudonym, my personality could be the sweet grandma next door with timeless teachings. Or the witty girlfriend down the street with hilarious one-liners. I could even be the edgy, straightforward chic with a no-nonsense style.

My real life peeps know that I am none of those things. In fact, I fear they would say I’m a sweet, straightforward chic with grandma style. This is precisely why I’d need to invent a personality.

Writing in a voice other than my own is just one of a few minor road blocks. I’m not a doctor. I am not an expert of anything. I have a penchant for telling people exactly what they want to hear. These are all trivial details that I believe could be conquered by hiding behind my keyboard.

Blush-worthy topics? Bring them on! I dare say I could even field questions from men.