Things Moms Love (But Kids Hate)

As a mom or having been a child, you are likely familiar with things kids love but moms hate (I’m looking at you, Play-Doh). Moms also encounter things that they love and kids hate. Do any on this list resonate with you?


There are moms who love to shop till they drop. It’s a scavenger hunt for that perfect item to make the trip a success. They love it. Not kids. If you’ve taken a preteen shopping for anything other than athletic socks, you may agree. Between the eye rolling and sighs of discontent, there is little actual shopping done, and it is far from fun (for anyone).


Anyone who has had a really great haircut knows that feeling is amazing. The sun shines a little warmer. The breeze feels like a caress. And that little head massage. Ah-mazing! 

Why is it, then, that it took me two months to convince my 9-year-old daughter to get a haircut, even though we were fighting about the mess of tangles in her hair daily? Why was it then that my 11-year-old son fought me almost to tears as I pressured him to get his mop chopped? They both loved it afterward, but the idea of getting a haircut still divides our household like a Packers/Vikings game.


What is better than crawling into the sheets, cuddling up with a comforter and taking a deep, relaxing breath? Muscles ease, and the day melts away. 

But kids and bedtime are nemeses. If you are a mom, consider how often at bedtime your child needs another drink, warmer socks, another book, five more minutes of…whatever. Or, they suddenly tell you about their day, week or school year. It’s at bedtime that homework and donations are remembered, and kids suddenly get chatty.


For some moms, baths are an art form—a glass of wine, a book and the perfect ratio of bubbles to water. A hot shower can melt away a stressful day or be a reward after a hard run. So why must we fight to get our kids in the tub? Mine would go weeks without a shower if I didn’t strong-arm them into it. 


It takes some of us a while to come around to salads (and no, I’m not talking about that amazing Oreo fluff salad your sister brings to family potlucks). For many, there is true joy in a salad. The perfect mix of greens, cheese and veggies with dried fruit and nuts can truly be a joy. But try feeding your kid salad. I dare you.


After a long day of fun or work, many moms love to sit and relax. For me, there is little better than sitting around a fire in the summer listening to the breeze in the trees and watching eternity flash through the fire. I am not entirely convinced that my kids know how to just sit without complaint, if there isn’t a screen involved. 


As a kid I could not understand how adults could talk for hours. What could they possibly be talking about? As a mom, I now understand. Catching up with friends and family can easily blur minutes into hours and evening into early morning. On the contrary, if I can get my 11-year-old to say more than “fine” (eye roll mandatory), without at least six prompts, I’m on top of the world. 

They say youth is wasted on the young. Well, so are things moms love and kids hate. Moms, this Mother’s Day (and every day, really), see how many you can fit into your day. You deserve it!  And if your kids get on your case about it, just make them a salad!

Erin Pagel is a mother of two preteens and lives in Rochester.