My Match

Lucky to be loved
By Kathryn Lenn

Casey and I met on Halloween of 2011 by a stroke of sheer luck. We had the same costume and snapped a photo together. That was it—I didn’t get his name or his number. But, the universe intervened. First, I passed him a week later without the chance to talk with him. But then I saw him again the week after that, and we were able to talk. The rest is history!  


Nobody makes me laugh like my husband. Nobody is my better partner. Nobody understands my ups and downs, and nobody is my cheerleader like Casey. From our scary similarities in preference of movies, food, activities and upbringing to our combined effort to maintain our household by both balancing school and work and additional jobs with housework and parenting, we have found a way to make it work—together.

We were married in 2013, and Casey started back at school that fall. I became pregnant in early 2015 and began graduate school in May of 2015. Cecelia was born earlier than expected, in September of 2015. Casey graduated in May of 2016, then started his own business in the summer of 2017. All the while, we kept parenting as he worked two nights a week in addition to his full-time job, and I single-parented those two nights. He single-parented the nights I had school, and we shook hands and reintroduced ourselves whenever we had a chance to be together.

In June of 2018, I graduated, and we could have another night together. Now, we are still apart two nights a week, but we have goodnight phone calls, and I stay up to have some quality time when he gets home.


Together, we have attained two degrees, adopted one cat, birthed and cared for one child, successfully managed five years of marriage, found a church family of our own, purchased and cultivated a home and established a life that I would trade for no other. We have been hand-in-hand in Rochester, Minnesota; Dallas, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Orlando, Florida; San Diego, California; and other towns and cities that were the destination of many day-cations. We have seen dozens of movies, watched numerous shows and concerts, have adopted each other’s interests and sense of humor and have painted and remodeled numerous rooms and completed home improvement projects.

Amidst the other obligations, job changes, parenting and typical curveballs of life, we have not only made it work, we’ve made it something wonderful. He is my other half; truly my better half. Casey has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and important. On our wedding day, my dad informed me that Casey was the kindest person he had ever met, and I couldn’t agree more. Casey looks on the world with kind eyes. He is calm and easy. I am intense and sensitive. He keeps me calm, and I rev him up.


In a world of divorce and difficulty maintaining a connection, I feel so lucky to have found someone who clings to me as tightly as I to him. I feel we were meant to be, and we continue to prove that theory each and every day.

It is not without swallowing that hard pill to admit that you may have been out of line and apologize for actions and statements. It is not without disagreeing on who spends more money and if we should go to this event or not. It is not without deliberate connection because no matter what other boxes another may check, there is more we have together that could never be replaced.

On the nights when it is just me and Cecelia, we know that Casey loves us and is away because he loves us. I get a little “me” time until my favorite person comes in the door, gives me a kiss and asks me about my day. I may get a little less sleep on those nights, but I would trade sleep for an hour of quality time with my match any day.

Katie Lenn is a wife and mother from Rochester; working full time and counting her blessings.