Fall Color Fashion Report

fall-color-reportFrom sideswiped ponytails to burnt orange scarves, color showers expected from head to toe this autumn.

Gel polish on a natural nail in dark browns, maroon and burnt orange.
—Vikki Ngin of Kari’s Nails.

“It’s a newer polish that lasts two weeks and there’s no chipping. It doesn’t damage the health of nails,” explained Vikki.

Natural shades on eyes with long eyelashes or extensions and bold eyebrows; cat eyes with thick eyeliner; spirited blush and audacious red lips will make a splash this season.
— Katie Kirckhof, make-up stylist at About Face.

Bright bottoms, highly textured jackets and wine colors paired with burnt orange or cobalt blue breeze into fashion.
— Valerie Gilfillian, Bittersweet Boutique, Lanesboro.

Sideswiped, slicked back or haphazard ponytails and loose messy textures are among this fall’s hairstyles.
—Jessica Amos, owner of Hair Studio 52 and Day Spa.

“Another trend is making the style yours and being inspired from the past, using variations of old styles,” says Jessica.