Go Do! Rochester Makeover options


GoDo! is a new column centered on fun (and sometimes little-known) activities to do as a group or as an individual in Rochester and the surrounding area. RochesterWomen will seek out these opportunities, try them out, and let you know how you can also GoDo!

What better time than spring for a beauty makeover party? RochesterWomen decided this was the perfect GoDo! so they headed out for an evening at the local beauty boutique, About Face, and declared with enthusiasm, “What fun!


Fun indeed! The ladies looked good going in. The RW crew simply wished to look natural but improved.

About Face makeup artists/managers Sarah Flatness and Lori Kunkel wanted to know something about their clients. “They ask your preferences, what makeup you use and what colors you like,” says RW Editor Mariah Mihm.

Makeovers are tutoring sessions too. You can learn application techniques and discover whimsical tools, such as egg-shaped pink sponges and specialty brushes. 

Melissa McNallan and Katlin Schmidt volunteered to go first. Katlin, RW intern and Winona State University senior, said she doesn’t use much makeup. “Then we’ll do a quick and easy look,” Sarah said.

Lori showed Melissa, marketing account representative for RW, how to use the pink sponge to apply foundation. “Dab and pounce,” said Lori. “It gives an airbrushed effect.”

Salons’ teaching methods vary. About Face makeover artists describe each technique as they perform it. “Smile,” Sarah told Katlin. “To get blush to look as if you are really blushing, smile, then put it on the apple of your cheek.”



“Pre-makeover, you need to consider your personality and how much time you’re willing to spend,” says Renee Carlson, owner of the local Merle Norman Studio. “Makeup is a reflection of who you are. Just like the clothes you wear, it says a lot about you. Being a makeup diva is fine,” she says, “but it will take more than five minutes a day.” 

Is half a revamp better than none? “At Merle Norman when we do a makeover, we do half the face,” Renee says. “The client does the other half but not all at once. We go step by step.”

“The Mary Kay philosophy is DIY,” says Mary Kay Independent Sales Director and Beauty Consultant Brenda Hahn. “You could, of course, get revamped on your own. But my favorite is to do makeovers with groups. Makeover parties are a hoot–everyone has a good time,” says Brenda. “We want to teach people how to apply makeup themselves. We don’t put it on, they do. We tell them how to do it and they find out it isn’t as difficult as they think.” 

“You can do as little or as much of a makeover as you like,” says Jessi Huxsol, operations manager at City Looks Salon and Spa. “All Aveda products are made from flowers and plants, Huxsol says, “and customers love the fragrance.




“I just got primed,” laughs writer Margo Stich, sporting a dash of primer on her eyelids. “Lori says it helps eye shadow stay in place and helps prevent creasing.” Margo’s makeover highlighted her elegant bone structure. “It brings out the contours of my face and it doesn’t look like makeup.”

Small changes can make a big difference. The pros advise adding an eyebrow arch to open the eyes or to try different colors on your eyelids and lips. Change up your foundation formula; it can transform your whole look. 

“Vibrant orchid is the color of 2014,” said expert Sarah. “It’s going to be everywhere,” including on photographer Dawn Sanborn’s eyelids. Purple is Dawn’s favorite color, but she had never worn it on her eyes until Sarah traced on a shimmery orchid eyeliner: a smashing effect. “I need to buy some,” Sanborn said approvingly.

Per Lori’s suggestion, Mariah, who has always favored bright red lipstick, tried a glimmery pink. “I love it! The color is still bold,” she says of her new favorite color, “but it’s a fresh change from classic red.” 

“About Face is a ton of fun,” says owner Reba King, M.D. “People come in and find beautiful things. They leave happy.”