Grandma, Mom & Me: Mothering

Mom: Before you have a child, you think so much about logistics. Then you realize there is so much more to being a parent.

Me: The feelings are so overwhelming, indescribable at times. 

Mom: You realize you’re responsible not just for their physical wellbeing, but your child’s mental and emotional care as well. The love is insurmountable. 

Grandma: I felt so responsible all of a sudden, but I was afraid too. You immediately become another person and your priorities shift. Their welfare is consuming.

Mom: This tiny little human being is relying on me for everything.  

Me: I read so much the first year it became hard not to question myself and to trust my instincts. I had access to so much technology and information. I don’t think it was always a good thing.

Grandma: You learn [parenting] one day at a time.

Me: A life-changing moment came while reading a parenting article. There was a quote from Dr. Spock that went something like, “No parent has ever done wrong by their child while acting on instinct.”

Mom: I remember when you talked to me about that. You became a lot less stressed and a much happier mother.

Me: Finding the quote saved my sanity. It is fun to learn [childrens’] personalities. Many characteristics in Landon showed up really early and have not changed.

Grandma: We didn’t have the resources you did. We relied mostly on our friends and family who had children.

Me: Family and friends were indispensible because they were real. They are the experts who I really trusted. I gained confidence from being around other great parents. The other sanity-savers were the other moms in my mommy group. All our kids were the same age. We relied on each other when it came to concerns about the kids, but the emotional support from each other was priceless too. We all grew close very fast.

Mom: And the joys of parenthood are endless! 

Grandma: Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. You have to have strength, patience and love. Then you teach those things to your kids. Show them empathy and that you love them through good and bad.

Mom: Balance is the key. How much is too much, and how much is too little?

Me: Balance is important but very hard to let happen. No matter how many times I was told, I had to learn for myself. It was a hard lesson, too, because mommy guilt is powerful. But that is a whole other subject.

Mom: The rewards far outweigh the troubles. 

Me: I can’t imagine life without my little guy. 

Grandma: Have fun with your children. Play and laugh with them, no matter their age.

Me: I thrive on the simple things Landon does that make me laugh, smile and my heart swell. I really enjoy his company and conversation. I knew I would like motherhood. I knew I would change as a person, but I didn’t know how much.

Mom: A mom is a very powerful feeling. 

Me: It’s a beautiful feeling.

Grandma: It sure is…and so much more!