I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: Sarah Halverson

Sarah Halverson came across the I Am a Beautiful Rochester Woman article in a prior Rochester Women magazine and thought it would be a fun. She loves to get dressed up, but she never had a makeover before. She says, “It was fun getting to chat with Katie Kirckof at BB Make-up. She did a great job!” 


Sarah was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her family moved to Pine Island when she was 8 years old. She lived there until she went to college. Now, she lives in Byron. 

There are four children in Sarah’s family of origin. She is the second oldest. Her family is spread across the country now.  “I have an older brother who lives in Cleveland, a younger brother who lives in town, a younger sister who lives in Salt Lake City, and my parents live in Maine. We go visit them when we can.” 



Sarah has been working with IBM for 10 years. “I’ve had a variety of different finance roles, mostly in planning. I think the biggest obstacle of my career was earlier in my career I was asked to manage a team of 40 financial analysts when I was 27. I was taking over one of our largest finance teams and had just found out that I was pregnant with my third son.”  She couldn’t turn down the opportunity. “I knew by accepting the position, I was going to get pushed to levels that I hadn’t been pushed to before. If they asked me to do it, they had the confidence in me that I could.” The position taught her a lot about balance and time management. She says, “I’ve never regretted it. I love being challenged and felt like those years really helped me grow as a person as well as my career, despite the amount of hours I was able to sleep at night.”

For the past two years, Sarah has supported the Worldwide Communications Industries for IBM Global Markets. “I basically do all of our account plans for revenue, profit, expense, signings and strategic imperatives for accounts like AT&T, Verizon, Google and Facebook.” Her general manager is located in the United Kingdom, and the team is on every continent. She comments, “That means sometimes very early morning meetings or late evening meetings, but it’s all about balance. IBM is very flexible so I’m able to balance this by taking early or late calls from home.” 


“I have three boys that I’m crazy about. They are amazing,” says Sarah enthusiastically.  She stays busy with them and their active sports lives. 

“I feel incredibly blessed to have a career that I love and three happy and healthy kids. I’ve been enjoying this stage of life with raising kids and being able to take them places and experience new things.” 

Sarah just bought a house in Byron that she enjoys decorating. She enjoys traveling, when time allows, tasting craft beer and sipping wine. “If I’m not doing any of those things, I’m usually cuddled on my couch watching Dateline or HGTV with my French Bulldog Knox,” she says. 


Sarah focuses on balance. “Knowing what I’m putting into my body (eating clean) has an impact on how I feel about myself and how I look. I try to get a workout in each day. I find that the better I take care of myself the more beautiful I feel.”

Sarah recommends doing something for yourself each day. She admits, “Some days are just too busy—that doesn’t happen, and everyone will have those days. I do, though, try to get a quick workout in the morning, or enjoy a cup of coffee in bed before the kids get up, or a walk at night, or just a glass of wine after a long day. Just something that allows me a little me-time.”