I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman

Good Morning,

How many people will nominate themselves? That’s right—I am nominating myself for this. I get told often that I need to do something for me. I would like to go to the store and not think about what someone else would want but instead what I need or want. I truthfully haven’t bought a new pair of pants or even a shirt for myself for many years. 

I am currently almost six months pregnant, due February 1, and have gotten hand-me-down maternity clothes from anyone I know, making them into my own. Most items are too big, and I make them work to save money so I can make sure my son Tucker (age 5) can get what he needs whenever he needs it. I haven’t gotten my hair, makeup or nails done since I was in high school. I figured that someone else could use the money I have if I have any extra. Most days with my hormones running on high, I don’t feel the need to look “beautiful,” as I watch my body go through many changes. This would be amazing for me once…to get this special treatment. (I don’t want) to worry if someone else could use what I have. (I want) to be able to look in the mirror, and be proud to call myself beautiful. 

I was in a relationship with Tucker’s dad, and I found out before we were to get married that he had not been faithful to me. I fell into depression and anxiety and sought therapy for help. I didn’t think I was beautiful. I thought that I was the problem—me. Now, I have a wonderful boyfriend who continues to work with me to let me know I am (beautiful). However, most days I don’t try. I don’t have the extra money or materialistic things to make myself feel better. 

I look into my son’s eyes, and he tells me just about every day that I am beautiful. (Those are) his exact words. He is the one that lightens a dark room anywhere. 

This opportunity would be wonderful. I know there will be many wonderful women who all deserve this; however, I know I will take this and hold it forever, knowing that I am beautiful regardless. 

Thank you,

Whitney Peterson

We met with Whitney Peterson for lunch at Casablanca Creative Cuisine & Wine on Monday, February 22, just two and a half weeks after she gave birth to her baby girl. It was the first time she had been away from her newborn. She was emotional about the opportunity to look good and have photos taken. 

After our meeting we were able to get a new shirt from Posh Boutique for Whitney and made an appointment for her to get her hair and makeup done at r!ah Hair Studio before her photo shoot. Dr. Lucy Gores at Lakeview Dental did a clinical exam and gave Whitney a bleaching set at no charge. Dr. Gores comments, “Thank you for thinking of us and sending Whitney our way; she certainly is a very nice young lady.”

Whitney told us about how athletic she was in high school and that she had been coaching the Century High School girls basketball team. We decided to do her photo shoot at Rochester Area Family Y, who contributed an annual family membership sponsored by Rochester Woman  magazine for Whitney and her children. We
hope she will take care of herself at the gym while her children enjoy Kid’s Care.


Whitney comments about the process, “I had a blast being able to get my hair and makeup done. I felt extremely blessed to be selected. I never thought in a million years I would get the opportunity to have a make-over. I have never been able to go into a boutique and simply have clothes brought to me to try on, making that perfect selection of an outfit.” 

Our I Am A BeautifulRochester Woman creators and photographers were the best part of Whitney’s the experience.  “Dawn and Tracey made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! They were so encouraging throughout the entire shoot; it made the whole process that much more amazing.” 

 “The thing I will remember most about this entire process is how much women care about other women. Every day I look at how beautiful other women are, wanting to look just like them. Instead I need to focus on my beauty. Thank you so much for choosing me,” Whitney wrote to us afterwards.