I Am Beautiful. You Are Beautiful. We Are All Beautiful Rochester Women. Megan Halland Encourages Being Loving and Seeing Beauty in Everyone

Megan Halland is from Australia. When her husband was offered an advanced fellowship at Mayo Clinic in 2013, they moved to the United States. They have lived in Rochester for three and a half years. She says, “(My husband) has his dream job here, so we have bought a house and are staying HERE indefinitely.”

Megan explains how she met her husband, “My husband is from Norway. He moved to (Newcastle,) Australia following high school to study medicine. We met at university there.” Megan was working for the department of health and undertaking postgraduate studies. “We had an evening epidemiology lecture (where we met). Magnus waited at a friend’s house one evening to purposely arrive late to the lecture so that he could make sure he arrived after I did and come and sit next to me. He invited me on a date, and we have been happy ever after.” That was in 2003. They got married in 2005 and have three children: Isobel, 8, Lochlan, 6, and Sofie, 5. 


One Monday afternoon in October 2016, Megan scheduled herself for make-up by Katie Kirckoff at Glam Beauty Lounge. Then she had her photos taken in Peace Plaza by Tracey McGuire. 

Megan says, “I’ve always been a girly girl and love make-up, hair, etc. I have had make-up done before for special occasions, like my wedding day, but generally just do it myself, of course. But it is fun to have someone else do it for me.” 

About getting her makeover, she says, “Relaxed. My make-up was all done for me.” That evening she took her kids out for dinner. We hope she felt great about herself and enjoyed the dinner with her children, even though her husband wasn’t able to join them. 

“My husband is also very kind and tells me I’m beautiful. As long as he thinks that and he and the kids love me, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks,” comments Megan.

For her daughter Sofie’s fifth birthday in December, Megan scheduled a makeover party at Glam Beauty Lounge. Megan says, “The girls enjoyed its pink and silver sparkly walls and fancy seats. Sofie loved having her and her friends’ hair styled up for their crowns and getting sparkly eye shadow and shiny lips.” 


“I see people who are kind as more beautiful. It is only when people are mean that they start to look ugly. I think it is true that beauty comes from within and shines out,” says Megan. 

One of Megan’s favorite quotes from her daughter Sofie is, “I’m not full of hate; I’m full of love.” Megan explains, “Perhaps if more people were like her, being loving and seeing beauty in everyone, people may have better self-esteem.”

Another one of Megan’s favorite quotes from Sofie is, “Everything in the whole wide world is beautiful.” Hopefully, we can all have her outlook and see that.


“I love being a wife and mum, jobs of love,” explains Megan. She enjoys spending time with her family. “We have a four-seater family tandem bike my husband rides the kids to school on, and we go for family bike rides together sometimes.” 

The Halland family has not been back to Australia since they moved here. “We will be visiting in February 2017 for the first time since moving here, so I really look forward to that. I especially miss my mum. She visited once in December 2015, which was very special.”

They also have a trip planned to Denmark, and they may visit Norway. They also have a number of domestic trips planned. Megan says, “It is looking like it will be a fun year!”

I Am Beautiful. You Are Beautiful. We Are All Beautiful Rochester Women!

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