Interpreting Your Dreams: What your dreams are telling you

Dreams are a mirror for us. They reflect back to us our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. They show us specific behaviors and ideas about ourselves and our lives that need our awareness and consideration.


Dreams can reveal to us how to resolve problems, relate to specific people, give us new directions and show us things we weren’t aware of. They also give us creative ideas, intuitive information and solutions we hadn’t thought of. They can be prophetic and give us truths from our soul.

To understand dreams, we need to learn the language of the right brain, which is our vehicle for dreams. The right brain speaks to us in images and symbols, feelings, intuitive knowing and allegories (double meanings, puns, pictures, metaphors and parallels).


Most dreams apply to our inner or outer personal lives. The symbolic meanings of scenarios, characters, landscapes and actions are messages from our inner self to help us.

Symbolic interpretation can be translated into valuable insights, instruction and breakthroughs. Our dream symbols have a universal interpretation as well an individual one that applies only to us. Focus on what the car, storm, spoon, elevator, rug or scenario means to you.

To decode the symbols of the creative mind and understand the dream, we must realize that it is not confined to logical sequences or literal meanings. All parts of the dream are symbolic for things that are going on in our unconscious or our lives. 


Pictures, images and scenarios in a dream represent the abstract connotation of a concept or image. Usually our dreams speak to us about the most pressing current issue we are dealing with. Your inner self is telling you that it’s important to deal with it now; that’s why it has created this dream. 

If you are being chased in a dream, you aren’t in actual danger but possibly are “running away” from a problem, fear or situation in your life that you need to face. What is it? Going through a doorway in waking life means entering a room or leaving it, but in a dream, it means a new door is opening for you, a new project or relationship is coming.

A desert in the dream-state is not a physical place. It means you are going in a barren, fruitless direction in relation to a person, project, job, attitude or decision in your life. You are driving in your car and can’t slam on the brakes when you need to. You wake up in a cold sweat. The dream likely means that you must slow down in some area of your life or need to be clearer about a decision before proceeding.

People in dreams may be familiar or unknown. If you know them, it probably pertains to that relationship. If unknown, focus on the qualities of that dream figure because they reflect you and the personal qualities and behaviors your inner self wants you to pay attention to.

TO BEGIN interpreting A DREAM

To begin interpreting a dream, do the following:

  • Write down all the major aspects of the dream; a house, people, a party going on, an argument, being trapped, singing—whatever happened in your dream. Every part of your dream is a symbolic (not literal) message.
  • How did you feel in the dream? What emotions were prominent? This is a big clue that can illuminate the overall meaning.
  • Note the people in the dream and make a list of their qualities, behaviors and words. How are they like you?
  • What do you think the various elements of the dream mean? You can dialogue with each part of the dream and ask it why it has appeared. 
  • Intuitively, what do you feel the dream means?

Record your dreams, give a meaning to each symbol (component of the dream) and intuit the overall meaning. Practice daily and you will be surprised how easy it is to understand your dreams.

Carole Cravath (B.A.) has 30 years of experience in the fields of counseling and teaching. She has taught dream interpretation workshops for 15 years. Call her at 507-287-0884 for a consultation. She also teaches The Perceptive Awareness Technique workshops, which link the intuitive and conceptual minds for rapid control of higher awareness in three days. Visit and