Recycled Creations: Beaded Silverware and Serving Pieces

The entertaining season is upon us and with it comes thoughts of decorating. Decorate your dining room table with a touch of holiday charm, right down to the silverware and serving utensils.   

Unique beaded flatware is a wonderful party favor or hostess gift during the holidays; it adds a bit of whimsy to your holiday dinner or cocktail party. They are very easy to make, look classy and will be a cherished memory of the holiday season. The recipient will feel like a queen as she dines with these beauties. They’re even dishwasher safe!

You can usually find sets of flatware and serving utensils at thrift stores. I found a large set of mismatched ones at our local Goodwill, which was perfect, as I’m planning on giving them to different people. No matched set needed.  


  • Any metal piece of flatware such as a fork, spoon, large slotted spoon or cheese knife. A flat handle (verses a round handle) is helpful to hold on the beads. Make sure to polish them well before starting the project.
  • Assorted glass beads found in your own stash, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Plastic beads do not work well for this project.
  • 20-22 gauge crafting wire 
  • Needle-nose pliers or hemostat

Getting Started

Begin by snipping off a length of crafting wire that is about 30-40 inches long. Use your needle-nose pliers or hemostat to twist the end of your wire into a spiral design. This gives you something to hold on to as you start to wrap and string your beads.  

Start at the base of the utensil (near the top of the fork with tines or spoon bowl) and place the spiral shape under your thumb to secure. While holding it down, wrap the wire around the handle three to four times, keeping the wire tight and very close to itself with each wrap. 

Choose your beads according to your decorating palette or the recipient’s favorite colors.  String on a few beads (how many depends on the size of bead you choose). The width of the utensil may only allow one or two beads. It may be easiest to keep the beads on the top part of the handle, and then wrap the wire around the back, keeping the wire close and pulled tight.  

Repeat this process until you are almost to the end of the handle, leaving space to be able to wrap the wire four to five more times, and include another spiral design to finish.  You may have to snip off a bit of the wire if you have too much.

Giving as Gifts

Use your unique utensils as personal place markers for your guests at a holiday cocktail party, or pair them with a lovely basket of wine and cheese as a hostess gift.  

Don’t forget the children, either. These can be customized for the young ones in your life by using metal alphabet beads to spell out their name within the beads you use. This is a great way to make them feel special at the kids’ table during your family gathering.

Melissa Eggler resides in Rochester and is a stay-at-home mom and artist. Her Facebook group entitled “Don’t Judge A Book” Recycled Creations has over 500 fans.