Recycled Creations: Essential Oil Aromatherapy Pack

The smells of spring and summer are hypnotizing and healing at the same time. Bringing the smells of nature inside can help relieve many things that ail you. Aromatherapy packs can be expensive to purchase, but they are incredibly easy to make at home with things you may already have. Now that essential oils have come into the mainstream market, it is possible for everyone to experience them. This craze has been “essential” in soothing the mind, body and spirit and makes users feel like they are at their own private spa. Here are easy instructions to make your own essential oil aromatherapy pack.



  • Scrap fabric (cotton, batik, flannel, denim or any breathable fabric)
  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread 
  • Uncooked rice (Do not use “Minute Rice,” but long-grain cooking rice like jasmine.)
  • Essential Oils (available at any co-op market, company representatives or online) * Lemongrass * Lavender * Ylang Ylang * Peppermint * Chamomile *
  • Bowl and spoon for mixing rice with oils

First, pour about 3 cups of uncooked rice into a bowl (more or less if you have a smaller or larger piece of fabric). Choose your favorite combination of essential oils. I created the following scent recipe that was pleasing to me: * 10 drops lavender * 10 drops “Stress Away” (Young Living) * 5 drops Lemongrass * 5 drops “Peace & Calming” (Young Living) *

Mix the oil and rice together with a spoon so that the oils evenly coat the rice. The rice will dry quickly.

Onto and Into the Bag

I chose the batik fabric for this project from a bag of scrap fabrics I was given by a quilter friend. The soothing colors and pattern complement the scent of the oils. You most likely have some fabric scraps lying around that you can use too. Cut the fabric into any size that you like. My fabric piece was 20 inches by 10 inches  (10 inches by 10 inches when folded in half). It’s a great size to place on your face or on specific sore muscles. 

Fold your fabric so that the right sides of the fabric are together and sew down both sides, leaving the top open. Turn so that the right sides face out. Sew two straight lines down the top of the bag, making three sections. Making these sections makes your bag sturdier and keeps the rice in place. 

Use a spoon to fill each section with your infused rice, leaving enough fabric to fold over and sew closed. Fold the top over and sew the end closed. Make sure to backstitch to prevent it from unraveling. You can put this aromatherapy pack in the freezer to use cold or heat in the microwave for one minute to use warm. Enjoy the smells of the essential oils, while calming your mind, body and spirit. 

Melissa Eggler resides in Rochester and is a stay-at-home mom and artist. Her Facebook group entitled “Don’t Judge A Book” Recycled Creations has over 500 fans.