Recycled Creations: Wine Cork Memo Board

Many of us love to drink an occasional glass of wine in the evening after a long, stressful day, when we celebrate with friends or when we toast to the good things in our lives. If you are like me, you don’t throw your corks away because there is something about them that keeps those memories alive. They fill up your favorite basket, wine cork holder or drawer until they are spilling out all over, and you say, “Wow, that’s a lot of corks. I surely didn’t drink all of that wine!” Well, you did, so let’s put them to use and recycle them into something useful. 



            • Any type of deep wooden frame (remove the glass and use just the back insert of the frame to adhere corks)
            • A clear-drying, strong glue like 3M or Tacky Glue
            • Lots of wine corks (use real corks, not plastic)

You can make this charming wine cork memo board so easily. Use any type of frame that is deep enough to hold the corks (the edge of the frame should come up to at least the middle of the cork). Take a trip to a thrift store and see what you can find. I found a calendar frame at Savers for only $3.99. I needed quite a few corks for this size of frame, so I had to call in reinforcements to bring me more (thank you, Jorrie).

Make sure you use a good amount of glue as some corks can absorb it, and don’t worry about it getting all over because it will dry clear. Start by laying out one row to make sure everything will fit properly. If needed, you can cut corks in half by soaking in water for 30 minutes, then cutting with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Keep in mind that they need to dry out before you glue them on, so you may need to do this ahead of time. You may also need a few smaller parts to fit into those areas where a full cork won’t fit.

You can do any kind of design with your corks. I placed two corks going vertical, and two corks going horizontally, then alternated them in each row. I was able to get them all in so there were no open spaces, only having to cut one cork in half to fill a small gap.

Apply pressure with your hands to make sure all of the corks are secure and that the glue is thoroughly dried before you tack your memos to the board. If you hang it without it drying, you will have corks falling off all over the place. You can use any size frame to make a variety of sizes of memo boards as table centerpieces or hot pads. Small-sized wooden frames make great coasters, too, that absorb the condensation of your drink on a warm day.

Now, sit back, have a glass of wine, and admire your own recycled creation. One cork down, 100 more to go for your next memo board.

Melissa Eggler resides in Rochester and is a stay-at-home mom and artist. Her Facebook group entitled “Don’t Judge A Book” Recycled Creations has over 500 fans.