Recycled Creations: You Can Make at Home


In this easy-to-make craft, you’ll recycle some buttons and an old piece of wood to create a beautiful “Love” wall hanging.

Many of us have our grandma’s vintage button tin stored away with gorgeous antique buttons hiding in it. I have several of these, and because I love buttons so much, I decided to showcase them in this unique wall hanging, instead of keeping them hidden. Because I’m such a recycler, I began by thinking of items I had around the house that I could use as a background piece. My goal when creating something recycled is to spend little or no money on supplies.

A friend recently gifted me several pieces of leftover beadboard she used when she remodeled her bathroom. She said, “Melissa, I know you can do something with these,” and she was right. This was the perfect material for this project.

I envisioned the buttons creating a three-dimensional design on the beadboard, and that is when the “Love” wall hanging was born. This is so easy that anyone, including children, can make this into a cherished gift using their grandma’s special buttons.

Shopping List

  • Buttons (old or new, variety of colors): Choose your color scheme and select buttons in all hues!
  • Reclaimed piece of wood: Look at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store in Rochester. I saw the fronts of old drawers that would work great.
  • Sandpaper: Sand edges of wood to look worn if you wish.
  • Clear-drying glue (Aleen’s Tacky Glue, Elmers or Scotch 3M)
  • Pencil to draw shape
  • Jute or ribbon to hang
  • Satin finish clear spray paint 


  • Begin by drawing the shape that you wish to make. Draw a heart, or the word, “love,” or maybe your last name.
  • Glue the buttons to the outside edge of your design, and then fill in from there. Be generous with the glue so that the buttons stay put forever.
  • Try gluing some buttons on top of other buttons. It’s a great way to add dimension to your design. Using several different buttons in the same color family can also give it a dimensional look.
  • Once your design is totally filled in with buttons, make sure all are securely glued down. Fill in any sparse areas with additional buttons and set aside to dry for several hours.
  • Once the glue is dry, drill holes along the top edge of the board. String a ribbon or a piece of jute through the holes for hanging.
  • Spray your finished creation with clear satin (or glossy) spray paint for sealing. Make sure to do this outside. Sign your creation on the back. It’s always nice to have a signed piece of art.
  • Now you have a beautiful wall hanging that features your grandma’s vintage buttons, instead of having them hidden in her button tin. What a beautiful gift to give her for the holidays or Valentine’s Day.

Melissa Eggler resides in Rochester and is an artist with her own Facebook page entitled “Don’t Judge A Book” Recycle Creations with nearly 500 fans.