The Passion Test


Getting out of your head and into your heart.

The Passion Test is a process that helps people identify their top five priorities and use them as guidelines for decision-making in their lives. It is a philosophy, a way of life, focused on living those things you care about most. 


LuAnn Buechler, master trainer, coach and transformational speaker, was introduced to “The Passion Test” book in 2007. She fell in love with the concepts and became certified as a Passion Test facilitator in 2010. 

Buechler now helps people live their lives with intention and purpose to find joy and fulfillment. She says, “I wanted to live the philosophies of the Passion Test, and I knew teaching it to others was the perfect way to implement it for myself.” During the training she found “peace of mind, a true state of calm and peace with myself. I finally knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.” 



Participant Beverly Jackson, who first took the Passion Test in 2013, says, “It is a process that takes you within yourself, shuts out what others have told you, and (allows) you…to listen to your own heart, which has a powerful impact on the happiness quotient of your life.” She uses her passions all the time to guide her decisions. “My life is so much more fulfilling. I am clearer on my direction.”

Buechler hears from Passion Test participants, “You have changed my life monumentally,” and “I look back and it’s like two different worlds—my life before the Passion Test and my life after the Passion Test.” Jackson says taking the test will make “you listen to your heart and not your head, live your life in a way that supports growth, peace, confidence in your decisions, and helps you be the very best you.  It teaches you how to have what you want and need, without giving anything up or sacrificing yourself.”  


The workshop can be used to help participants determine their general life passions, but it can also be used in a specific way to clarify a business owner’s vision or for a student to figure out where to go to college, for example. Buechler helps people “stuck” in jobs figure out their “why” so that work becomes more meaningful.

Rochester Women magazine utilized the Passion Test for Business led by Buechler for the first time in March 2015. The team developed a purpose statement for Rochester Women magazine and determined its passions and markers. These help Rochester Women magazine focus on strategies that support our personal and professional passions. 


Buechler led a retreat for writers in February 2017. Attendee Brittney Marschall says, “Before I went, I knew I loved writing, but it was a struggle to keep it a priority.” Her “passions” ended up being personal and professional, including having more freedom and flexibility and creating a safe space to be creative so that she has the space and time to write. She says, “The Passion Test helps you be more aware of your true desires, and it’s easier to make time for them.” 

Participants often keep a notecard with their passions on them. Marschall says that our busy lives are full of “tugs for your time,” and having a physical reminder of her priorities is a way to keep coming back to them as she makes decisions about her time.


Buechler leads three-hour workshops once a month at 125 Live. She also brings the workshop to businesses and events. Participants leave with their top five passions and tools to live them in their life. She says, “Once you have a goal, it’s easy to figure out the action steps.” 

Upcoming events led by LuAnn include Inspired Women Writers Retreat, February 16-18 in Pepin, Wisconsin area and Passion Test for Professional Women workshop on March 3 at Terza Ristorante in Rochester. Buechler will 

also be leading wilderness treks this coming summer and fall. Check out her website for more information.


Emily Watkins is a personal trainer and writer in Rochester.