Revive Your Jive!


The upside of aging: We’re more comfortable in the skin we’re in! The downside: Our skin begins to look lived in. If you’re looking to do a little remodeling or just put some pep in your step, check out these products and services that strive to smooth away the years we’ve weathered.

“Botox in a bottle,” Instant FIRMx™ by Peter Thomas Roth reduces the appearance of age-revealing trouble spots for about 12 hours (just long enough to get through summer wedding photos): $38 for face tightener and $40 for eye firm, About Face, 292-0922.

For deeper skin resurfacing for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, sun spots and to tighten skin, Essence Skin Clinic/Med Spa offers ProFractional laser resurfacing and Micro Laser Peel: $400-$1,500, Essence Skin Clinic/Med Spa, 285-5505.

Aveda carries a plant-based version of Microdermabrasion touted to be gentler but just as effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots after six sessions: $70 per session, Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial, City Looks Salon & Spa, 289-0123.

Eye lashes not as dark or lush as they once were? Try lash extensions. They last about 3–4 weeks and can be refilled: $149.99, About Face (includes extensions, application and a first fill; subsequent fills are $50).

Or try permanent eyeliner which makes lashes appear more full and lush: $350 Essence Skin Clinic/Med Spa.

Looking for big impact in a small amount of time? Try Hair Studio 52’s Lunch Time Peel—a mild chemical peel that helps with acne, dry skin, sun damage and fine lines: $47 Hair Studio 52 + Day Spa, 289-2986.

Smile looking a little dull? Brighten your teeth by 3–5 shades in one 20-minute session at City Looks Salon & Spa: teeth whitening $49 per session.

Ever heard of a Vampire FaceLift®? This doctor-performed non–surgical procedure reshapes the face by using a combination of Hyaluronic Acid wrinkle fillers and blood (drawn from your arm and spun through centrifuge to separate the platelets before injecting them back into the face): $800 and up, Essence Skin Clinic/Med Spa.

Has your hair lost its fullness? Try Aveda’s Invati™ system—shampoo, condition, scalp revitalizer—designed to produce more fullness and regrowth in 6–8 weeks: $108 Hair Studio 52 + Day Spa.

Like a facial for the body, body wraps detoxify, exfoliate and are customized for your skin type, leaving skin smooth and clear: $40-$75 City Looks Salon & Spa.

Color without tanning is more affordable that you’d think. One spray tanning session lasts 5–7 days, can be as light or dark as you wish and can be applied wherever you want tanned-looking skin: $29 City Looks Salon & Spa.

Do you have areas of fatty tissue resistant to diet and exercise? Essence Skin Clinic/Med Spa offers alternatives including tickle liposuction (small amounts of fat removed through tiny incisions, no stitches required): $2,500 and up for one small area. Cool Sculpting (fat cells are frozen and eventually discharged by the body as waste, no incisions or stitches): $750 and up for one small area.

Sometimes less really is more. Never underestimate the power of the pedicure. Frequent pedicures help with the look and feel of feet and circulation: $28-$52 at Hair Studio 52 + Day Spa.

TRIVIA: What question are women most embarrassed to ask their esthetician but want to know: “How does a Brazillian wax differ from a bikini wax and how much hair does it remove?” A bikini wax removes hair around and up to the panty line ($30 at City Looks) while a Brazillian wax removes as much hair under the bikini line as you prefer ($55 at City Looks).

Curious about the difference between chemical peels, Botox™, Hyaluronic Acid fillers and other “injectables?” What cosmetic procedures must be performed by a doctor? Is it all just vanity? Be sure to check out our coverage of cosmetic surgery and other procedures in the Sept./Oct. issue of Rochester Women magazine.