Spring Cleansing with Ballerina Botanicals

Every day, this time of year, all of our social media feeds fill up with tips for spring cleaning, time to detox and better yet…get your body ready for summer. This can all be very overwhelming. I know, I always feel the pressure. 

One thing I can always count on to help me relax and feel refreshed is a good facial with organic essential oils. Essential oils are fragrant, concentrated essences from botanical life that provide the body with many healing properties. They work wonders on your skin. My friends are always complimenting my clear skin, so I tell them all about my spring cleansing routine. 


The reason you should be doing this is because the winter months and seasonal changes do a number to your skin, leaving it dry, dull and damaged. Harsh central heating, dry air, sudden temperature changes and hot showers all wreak havoc on your skin. 

 While you’re considering the trendiest diet or doing that juice cleanse you saw on Pinterest, start this season off right with my spring cleansing routine. I promise, you’re going to love it! Taking just a little bit of your time to do this five-step routine each week will leave your skin feeling renewed, rebalanced and glowing. All of your friends will notice the difference, just like mine.


 1. First, start off by clearing out your pores and getting rid of all the dead skin cells winter has left by exfoliating. It’s important to exfoliate once a week. I use my Ballerina Botanicals Rooibos Mint Exfoliating facial cleanser which has brown sugar to gently exfoliate my face. Added shea butter, raw honey, aloe vera and jojoba oils rehydrate and nourish skin deep within the pores. This cleanser also contains rooibos tea leaves, which are naturally rich in alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc to help fix eczema and acne.

2. Now that the pores are open, it’s time to multi-mask. “What is multi-masking?” you ask. It’s applying two very different masks to your face at the same time, which is perfect for combination skin like mine. Not all parts of your face are alike, so this technique is key to healthy skin. I apply a mask to help breakouts to my t-zone and another to help brighten and firm my skin everywhere else. I use our Mother Earth mask with matcha green tea and turmeric along with our Develope Detox mask with activated charcoal and tea tree.

3. Coming out of winter, our skin is unbalanced, so it is very important to use a good toner. Our Toner Tonics nourish your skin and restore its natural pH levels. We use organic apple cider vinegar to accomplish this, along with elderberry extract and essential oils. Choose between Lavender and Frankincense or Tea Tree for the perfect fit for your skin. 

4. Now, to get that summer glow, I use a combination of organic Vitamin C, hibiscus and essential oils. These ingredients are packed with powerful youth-preserving antioxidants to enhance collagen production and tighten and brighten the skin. Our Hibiscus Infused Vitamin C Facial Nectar contains key essential oils, patchouli, rosehip and rosemary, for anti-aging.

5. Last and most important is the step of moisturizing your skin. Our Dr. Earth Hydrating Facial Cream is perfect for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling nourished from the inside out. It is packed with powerful essential oils like frankincense, lavender, royal Hawaiian sandalwood and carrot seed to keep your skin youthful.

I swear by these five steps each year for restoring natural glow and fixing any damage seasonal changes may have left on my skin. You can find these products on the Ballerina Botanicals website ballerinabotanicals.com, at People’s Food Co-op and at Thursdays on First & Third in downtown Rochester this summer. 

Michaelene Karlen is the co-owner of Ballerina Botanicals and lives in Kasson, Minnesota. She was a professional ballerina in New York City and now dances professionally and choreographs in Minneapolis.