Home Federal’s New Jubilee Travel Club: Offering Members Unique Experiences

If you love to travel and you are age 55 or older, you may be interested to know that there’s a new group travel option in Rochester. Home Federal Savings Bank recently started its own travel club and had its first trip in September. The travel club has been a raging success already, and they’ve just gotten started.

Home Federal’s Jubilee travel club offers members day trips, regional trips and extended trips. Many members choose to take several trips each year and love the variety of trips offered. The travel club attracts a variety of travelers: Some are traveling alone and enjoy making new friends on the trip; others are girlfriends getting together to enjoy a day together; while still others are couples enjoying an outing within a group setting. One thing all of the travelers have in common is their readiness to enjoy themselves and make some fantastic memories.    


One of the key reasons Home Federal’s Jubilee travel club has been so successful is that Home Federal was fortunate to secure the services of Jean Jech to plan and lead all of the tours. Because Jean orchestrates every detail of each trip, she is able to slather on her secret sauce of providing that extra, ever-so-special, concierge-level, superior service. When planning trips, Jean makes sure that she can reserve the best seats in the house or dine at the best restaurant in the area or she selects another venue. Pampering travel club members is Jean’s number one priority, which she takes very seriously. She is adamant that members “deserve, and will receive, a special day” when they travel.  


Sandy Henslin, a frequent traveler with Jean, joined Home Federal for the sole purpose of becoming a member of the travel club. Sandy and her husband, David, have traveled with Jean several times in the past and have taken several day trips with Jean since becoming members of Home Federal’s Jubilee travel club. Sandy says that she likes the day trips because they are “well-organized and Jean takes care everything.” Sandy loves the fact that Jean thinks of the littlest details and always goes the extra mile. Sandy adds that, “Jean makes an effort to make the trips worry-free and wants them to be perfect.” 

Another repeat traveler, June Gansen, says that the day trips are a “real treat to go on” and they always see great shows and enjoy wonderful meals together. The day trips are also a great way to visit with friends and meet new folks. June enthusiastically says that Jean Jech “treats us like royalty.” June advises that anyone interested in taking a Jubilee day trip should try it and find out for themselves if they enjoy the experience.   


Upcoming fantastic day trips include an evening performance of “Trick Boxing” at the Joseph Page Theatre in Winona on January 27; an evening performance of “Sinatra and Company: Music from The Rat Pack Era” at the Sheldon Theatre in Red Wing on February 26; and “Blithe Spirit,” a matinee performance at the Old Log Theatre in Excelsior on March 23. These day trips, all accompanied by Home Federal’s Jean Jech, include the performance, meal and motor coach transportation to and from the venue.   

Home Federal’s Jubilee travel club is offered only to Home Federal customers meeting club membership criteria. If you are interested in experiencing life with Jubilee, call Home Federal Jubilee at 507-535-1231, stop in at a Home Federal branch location or visit JustCallHome.com. If you are considering taking a day trip with the club, be sure to make your reservation as quickly as possible as trips are filling fast.

Cindy Mennenga, owner of Straight Talk Wellness, is a health coach and freelance writer based in Rochester.