Mining Rochester’s Creative Community

There’s no place like Rochester. Not when it comes to putting together a documentary show that features the best of arts, culture, and history in southeastern Minnesota.

    Throughout the three seasons of Off 90, Rochester has consistently proved to be a fountain of fantastic stories. Amazing people and organizations make Rochester a rich tapestry. Here are some of our favorite Rochester moments from Off 90.        

The Sawtooth Bluegrass Band

Think bluegrass music is just for old-timers? Think again. The Sawtooth Bluegrass Band fuses youthful vibes with the spirited legacy of bluegrass music, reviving classic Americana for a new generation. Check out Off 90 episode 201 to meet the Birtzer brothers: Shane, Clint and Luke—and the Moravec brothers: Jesse and Ethan—as they combine tight harmonies, driving melodies and a sense of playfulness, creating a fantastic musical experience. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ Off 90 201”

The Barn Bar

Ever wish you and your friends could make up a sit-com? That’s what the folks behind The Barn Bar have done. The result is a hilarious and often unpredictable locally-grown production. It’s filmed once a month in the barn of RCTC professor Bob Sanborn and photographer Dawn Sanborn. There’s barely any rehearsal and the cast and crew are made up of volunteers. The show’s subject matter ranges from humorous to absurd—and has already spawned four seasons.

If you like your comedy off-kilter, you’ll love The Barn Bar. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ Off 90 211”

Singing Teapots

Forget the tuba, trumpet or trombone.  These ladies play… the teapot. Meet the Singing Teapots whose unexpected and delightful sounds tickle the ears of all who listen. The group is made up of more than a dozen women from different Lutheran churches around town. And yes, they actually play the teapot like a musical instrument. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ Off 90 301”

SEMVA – Southeastern Minnesota Visual Artists

The SEMVA art gallery is a gathering place for artists and a perfect venue to increase community appreciation of local art. Everything you’ll find inside the gallery was made by an artist living and working in southeastern Minnesota. From oil paintings to jewelry to stained glass, SEMVA houses hundreds of beautiful pieces. It’s also owned and operated by the artists shown inside. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ Off 90 210”

SEMYO – Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestra

They are young and they are serious about music. They are the Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestra, keeping classical music alive for a new generation. Watch this episode to find out exactly how much work goes into nourishing a budding classical music career. You’ll also marvel at the quality of the spectacular performances. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ Off 90 302”

Nicholas A. Poleschuk, Jr.

Incredible carvings—made on a most unusual surface. Meet artist Nicholas A. Poleschuk, Jr. who creates stunning works of art … on eggs. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what intricate carvings Nicholas can create using a modified dentist’s drill. YouTube keywords: “KSMQ@ Off 90 309”

Matthew Bluhm and Maria Bartholdi are legacy producers for Off 90 at KMSQ Public Television.