Old Fashioned Christmas in Wabasha


If you’re looking for an affordable way to create lasting family memories this holiday season, follow the winding Mississippi to the charming river town of Wabasha where, on December 1, it hosts its sixth annual Old Fashioned Christmas.

Reminiscent of a Normal Rockwell painting, this free event enchants holiday-lovers of all ages with everything from window gazing to carolers spreading cheery classics through the crisp air.

A Bit of Nostalgia
At Old Fashioned Christmas, you can treat your senses to a bit of fun and nostalgia with the clip-clop of a horse-drawn carriage, the enchantment of flickering lights draped around the historic downtown and the tantalizing aromas of traditional foods.

“Wabasha is not about glitz and shiny new, it’s about the warm, cozy and old-fashioned,” explains Rachel Yenter, owner of Chocolate Escape, one of Wabasha’s favorite gathering places. “People come here to slow down, to connect, to enjoy the hometown feel.”

Chamber of Commerce executive director Cheri Wright describes Old Fashioned Christmas as just like the movies. “Every adult can go back to when they were a kid,” she says. “Wabasha is where you belong—the place you have always been looking for.”

Traditional Treats
Wabasha’s bakers and food artisans prepare a plethora of goodies for the holiday season. Try the Snack Walk, a free event where local shops provide visitors with a variety of desserts just for stopping in.

Be sure to check out Old Fashioned Christmas’ two famous cookie events: Faith Lutheran Church’s Cookie Walk—which includes over 1000 homemade cookies—and Chocolate Escape’s gingerbread man decorating.

“Christmas evokes food memories for many people,” explains Pembroke Bakery owner Victoria Moore. On her seasonal menu you’ll find traditional holiday items like Swedish Limpa (a moist, flavorful rye bread) and German Pfeffernusse (a rich, warmly spiced cookie) that suggest another era.