Rollin’ on the River: Passion Test Helps Women Find Purpose

Water ski days are just one of the summer of water activities an hour east of Rochester on the wide spot of the Mississippi River known as Lake Pepin. Float on a boat (rafts not recommended) to feel as free as Huckleberry Finn on the mighty Mississippi River. 

There are floating and flying options galore around Lake Pepin. The Pearl of the Lake paddleboat out of Lake City is great for groups or a romantic sunset cruise. Brand new to the area is exhilarating Eagle Hang Gliding where you and an instructor take to the thermals to glide above the water. Sailing is a long-time favorite, and both WIMNSail and Sail Pepin will take you sailing out of the Pepin, Wisconsin marina. 

Further down the River, in Alma, Wisconsin, docks Fun ‘N The Sun houseboats. You can rent the houseboat and spend a few days or a week on the water exploring and relaxing. This is one of a numerous ways to explore the river without having to own a boat.

Meet Captain Beth

Fifteen years ago a web designer from Minneapolis got on a sailboat in Pepin, Wisconsin and never left. Ten minutes after the captain asked, “You wanna drive?”, she was hooked. It was a great hobby for her and anyone who meets Beth Anderson quickly learns of her passion for sailing.

She eventually bought a boat and started badgering her friends to go out on the water with her. When people said she should make it her business, she said she kept it a hobby because when you turn what you love into a business you lose the attraction.

Following Your Passion

Then Beth was introduced to the Passion Test, a tool for finding your passions and life purpose. What ended up on the top of her list? Sailing and all it brought with it. After a time of reflection, she got her U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license and now takes people on boat rides on Lake Pepin.

We all know our world is changing. Studies show those who achieve enduring success are all passionate about what they are doing. Yet many working Americans are unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Reports say that only 20 percent of us are living a passionate life. Imagine a life where you are motivated and inspired to choose in favor of your passions. Living your life where everything that you care about is happening right before your eyes and living your dreams is a reality.

Captain Beth owns a boat and sails 70-plus days a year because of the personal insights gained by doing the Passion Test. What messages are you speaking to yourself that are holding you back from living a passionate life? 

“The difference from where I was last year when you facilitated the Passion Test for me and where I am today—miles, miles, and miles apart. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my passions and showing me it not only was okay to go for them, but that my life would have more meaning.”–Sonja

Sail in September

In September, Captain Beth and I are teaming up for a River Trek where we will take six women on a luxury houseboat for four days of JOY—a Journey of YOU. Come along and relax, think, share and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us while floating on the Mississippi river. Soak up the sun, take a dip, eat great food, enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine with your new friends. Along the way you will discover what you are passionate about. This trek also includes personal coaching throughout our journey. You can see more information at 

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 LuAnn Buechler is a transformational trainer & coach.