Celebrate yourself at EnergyWorks

Vicky Schleeter helps you rediscover who you were created to be
By Holly Galbus


Vicky Schleeter is passionate about helping women live empowered, authentically and with confidence. As owner of EnergyWorks, Schleeter, who is a holistic health practitioner, works with women who have the desire and courage to change unhealthy thinking patterns into rational and healthy ways of addressing challenges, obstacles and unwanted habits. She employs various modalities (or methods) to help a client identify the thoughts and actions that may be holding her back from her full potential.  

Schleeter says there is energy behind our thoughts, words and actions that is physically held within the body, and this energy moves us in a direction. When we change or reinterpret negative thought patterns, we can move forward and experience greater health and wellness.


A favorite quote of Schleeter’s, one which describes her life thus far, is by Joseph Campbell: “We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” When she reflects on the life she planned versus the life she has, Schleeter says her life isn’t what she pictured it would be, and that it has brought its share of disappointments and obstacles. But she now looks at those challenges as true blessings, because they have taken her down a new and wonderful path. Rather than be dismayed by difficulties, Schleeter turns the obstacles into learning opportunities. They are her “Blessons” (blessings + lessons), she says, and they motivated her to go back to school and train as an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner.

Schleeter is registered and certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She’s also a certified life coach, massage therapist, aromatherapist and Reiki master. Previous degrees include a bachelor’s degree in education and master’s degrees in developmental disabilities and psychology. It’s clear Schleeter has spent a considerable amount of time studying, but contends, “My strength doesn’t come from my degrees but from life experiences and the years of working with many, many people along the way. It’s about relating to people and realizing that some of the same challenges they are having, I have also had.”


The core of EnergyWorks is the individualized, transformational coaching Schleeter uses in a session. She coaches clients in making lifelong changes in relationships, career, family, balance, stress management and more. Before incorporating any of the modalities in a session, she will first spend time getting to know you as the unique individual you are. She will ask what your needs and goals are and what challenges you face. You are in the “driver’s seat,” but she partners with you as you go deeper, bringing information from the subconscious level to the conscious level. Once those subconscious thought patterns are identified, you can work to create new patterns, those that will move you forward, changing negative energy to positive energy. The various modalities incorporated into EnergyWorks sessions may include: therapeutic hypnosis, toe reading, energy work, aroma-auricular acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) and stress management techniques. Essential oils may be used alone or in conjunction with other holistic modalities. Schleeter will also help you explore what she calls “soft addictions,” those time and energy drainers such as habits, compulsive behaviors and recurring moods and/or thought patterns that hinder our deeper needs.

Schleeter’s vision is a world where all women embrace and reclaim their true gifts, recognize their self-worth and live their life with confidence. Are you ready to become empowered and unstoppable? Then visit the EnergyWorks website at energyworks.site or call Schleeter at 507-251-7215 to schedule your appointment. The cost is $85 per session that lasts typically 45 minutes to an hour. Introductory and toe reading sessions are only $35. Virtual sessions are also available.

 Holly Galbus is a news reporter and Rochester freelance writer.