Judy Hvamstad


Vice President, Administrative Officer and Human Resources Coordinator, Premier Bank Leadership Greater Rochester, Class of 2013

Hometown: Blue Earth, Minnesota

Age: 47

Family: Husband, Scott; daughter, Erin; son-in-law, Casey; and a grandchild on the way.

Starting Out: I earned my bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Minnesota in Waseca. Since then, I’ve worked in human resources. I love working with people.

Making Others a Priority: I’m blessed to have the opportunity to interact with a large variety of terrific people every day from employees, managers, partners, customers and tenants to people in the community. I value each relationship.

Fun part of your work? My role as the contact for charitable contributions and community events. I get to support non-profit organizations and attend many events.

Unexpected part of the job? Monitoring the bank’s parking. I actually like it. It adds to the variety of my work.

Learning and leading: I wanted to be part of Leadership Greater Rochester (LGR) because I was interested in becoming more involved in the community and knowing more about Rochester. LGR is a 10-month leadership development course created by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce. I had heard from others that had gone through the course that it was a unique experience. It not only helps people learn about the community but encourages them to become stronger leaders, too.

Behind the community scenes: In LGR, I have had unique opportunities to make many new connections and go behind the scenes in Rochester. Some of my favorites have been tours at Prosthetic Laboratories, Mayo Clinic’s Foundation House and the Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy Facility.

Hands-on involvement: Our LGR class community impact project involves partnering with Channel One Food Bank to build a community-based, hands-on kitchen classroom facility as part of their upcoming warehouse expansion.

Why a kitchen? This generation of children may be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents due to obesity, diabetes, inactivity and unhealthy eating. The kitchen will provide education, skills and local resources to empower families to make smart nutritional choices. It will also offer a variety of life-skill seminars, such as financial management and workforce preparation.

Making it happen: To raise the money to build the kitchen, the class is hosting a series of fundraisers. The biggest will be “Cooking up Fun with Channel One” on May 10 at the Rochester International Event Center. Everyone is invited for food, drinks and a silent auction. Regional bands will play, and we’ll unveil the winner of our Iron Chef competition that will feature local chefs and local celebrity judges.

Kindness remembered: It is so important to me to give back to my community. My father died when he was only 48. I was 12 at the time with three younger siblings. Our community reached out to us in so many ways. I’ll never forget what that meant to me. I want to pay that forward.

Just for fun: My husband and I like to explore and sight-see. From picking a new Rochester bike path on weekends to taking a short drive to the beautiful Mississippi or the Twin Cities, there is never a lack of something to do in the area.

A place to call home: In southeastern Minnesota, I enjoy most the beautiful landscape and friendly Minnesotans. I love the changing of the seasons. I could never leave that. This is home. However, I’m not opposed to an occasional winter tropical vacation!

Words to live by? I believe involvement is the key to knowing your community’s needs and making a difference. Each of us has the power within to change someone’s day with a simple act of kindness.