International Transgender Day of Visibility

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Although we can’t be out celebrating, there are things we can do from home to recognize the trans people in our lives.

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5 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility

By TL Jordan

Trans Day of Visibility is celebrated every year on March 31, bringing attention to trans people around the globe, and highlighting their accomplishments and daily fight. Trans Day of Visibility is dedicated to not only giving trans people a day to be loved, validated, and celebrated, but also a day that can allow for education about trans rights. Visibility goes beyond just being a sole trans individual, but about trans solidarity, and how trans people are not alone in the world, no matter how lonely it feels sometimes.

On March 31, if you know a trans person in your life, give them a little love! If you are a trans person, we see you, you are valid, and we are glad you are here! Below, you can find 5 things that you can do to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility and educate yourself on the ongoing struggles and accomplishments in the trans community.

Mutual Aid: Support Trans people in your life, or around the globe

It’s a financially unstable time for a lot of people right now, and that is doubled for trans individuals who were struggling even before. Consider donating a few dollars to a trans person you know who is raising funds for transition medical costs, or who needs housing or cost of living needs. A little goes a long way!

Education: Time to Learn about Trans History!

Trans Day of Visibility is a perfect time to learn more about trans history and the people who were fighting for trans rights since day one. You can watch a movie, read a book or find some  articles. Here are a few books to get you started:

A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities by Mady G and JR Zuckerburg

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson

Whipping Girl by Julia Serrano

The Stonewall Reader, edited by the New York Public Library

Don’t Out Trans People That You Know

While you may think that publicly naming your trans friends, or calling them out on social media is a way you can celebrate them, it may not be a good idea. Some trans people cannot be out or open about being trans in certain situations or even publicly. If someone has shared with you that they are trans, but aren’t out publicly, you should be honored that they trust you! Rather than make a big heartfelt post about specific trans people, you can make a general one talking about your support of the trans community and showing publicly that you are an ally. But feel free to personally message trans people in your life and let them know you care and that they are valid too. 

Donate to Trans Organizations or Take Part in Their Movements

There are many great organizations doing work for the trans community, and by donating or following along with their causes you are helping the trans community greatly! Some of these organizations hold events or drives to help specific causes and work hard for trans equality. Here are a few organizations to check out:

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Trans Lifeline

The Trevor Project

Black and Pink

Put your pronouns in your email signatures and social media bios

What seems like a small gesture truly means a lot for trans and gender non-conforming people. Putting your pronouns in your email signature and social media bios not only lets people know what pronouns you use, but it helps normalize people asking for pronouns and having pronouns be as important to all people. When everyone uses pronouns in their introductions, it normalizes the use, protecting trans people, and helping us all get to know people better.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

TL Jordan MSc (they/them) is a scientist and an advocate in the LGBTQ+STEM community. You can also find them behind the bar at Queen City Coffee and Juice.

Photo by William White