Rochester-area women share their challenges, inspiration and more

By Trish Amundson

Jaci — Redeployed Employee

What changes have you experienced based on COVID-19?
My daughter, Caroline, had her senior year end abruptly. I’ve been redeployed to a completely new position at Mayo Clinic in the patient care shield. My husband is teaching from home and our children are distance learning.

What is a challenge for you right now?
We are taking the social distancing seriously. My mom and aunt are in the vulnerable age range, and I miss them. It’s strange not going to school and church events. I had three work trips canceled.

What is something positive that has come from this?
I was redeployed due to COVID-19 and am helping provide managerial support for the test site at Graham Park. I’m learning new skills and working collaboratively with fantastic, caring people from Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center and Olmsted County that I wouldn’t interact with normally.

Our family is spending quality time with our daughter before she goes to college at Concordia Moorhead in the fall. My husband is completing many tasks at our new cabin in Wabasha that typically would have taken months to get done.

How are you supporting others? 
My family spearheaded an initiative for Triton Public Schools students to be able to receive milk, bread, eggs and butter for free at the local Kwik Trip, Casey’s and grocery store by charging to gift cards that were provided through donations.

What inspires you during this challenging time? 
After all of this, we learn that some of the rules we’ve lived by don’t apply at all. So many things that we’ve been told “can’t be done” or were impossible or impractical have been implemented successfully in an extremely short time frame. We will never go back to life and doing business the same way, and this may be the opportunity to update policies and “the way we’ve always done it” for good. It’s been clear during this pandemic that some rules no longer apply.

Can you offer any advice for others to get through this?
Don’t offer long explanations to justify yourself and the decisions you make to stay mentally healthy. 


Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.