Rochester-area women share their challenges, inspiration and more

By Trish Amundson

Cynthia Retiree, Snowbird (briefly in 2020)
What changes have you experienced based on COVID-19?

I returned from my escape from winter in Florida… early!

What is a challenge for you right now?
The most challenging thing for me is worrying about family and friends scattered around the country.  

What is something positive that has come from this?
Something positive is staying in touch and being supportive of each person’s challenges.

The most positive and reassuring is how caring neighbors, friends and family members are. For example, they offer to pick up groceries and provide transportation. People are still smiling and greeting each other when passing — six feet apart, of course!

How are you supporting others? 
I am supporting others primarily with homemade gifts. I made my own spices mixes and lotions. Also, I’ve promised a deck party or happy hour when this quarantine is over and make donations to local charities in honor of friends and family members.  

What inspires you during this challenging time? 
Rochester is a very caring community. Observing the positive attitudes and actions of those around me is comforting and assuring. It serves as a reminder of our need for each other.

Can you offer any advice for others to get through this?
The ability to stay connected with others through FaceTime, calls and texts is helpful. I also have many interests that I can now focus on, such as researching genealogy, making masks for those running errands on my behalf, reading, using quiet time for centering and reflection, and minimizing time spent watching the news. 


Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.