Rochester-area women share their challenges, inspiration and more

By Trish Amundson

Jill – Teacher (for her class and four kids)

What changes have you experienced based on COVID-19?
At first, the change of not being able to “just go out” felt out of the norm, but it quickly became easy to stay home. We no longer make multiple trips to the stores for items. We plan our trip, and only one parent goes out. We wipe off the packaging of items we bring home. We are more aware of making sure we wash our hands frequently or use hand sanitizer more often. Our kids can’t play with other friends, but thankfully we have a lot of outdoor space for them to roam and be creative.I am now teaching from home, and my children are learning from home. My husband [a physician] works from home when he can. He takes extra steps to disinfect after being at work.

What is a challenge for you right now?
It is challenging to balance my teaching from home and try to maintain that classroom community feeling through distance learning, while also trying to teach my own kids. But this is something all of us are trying to figure out: balancing our jobs along with helping our families and kids. I miss my students and school. I think we all want to go back.

What is something positive that has come from this?
It has made us slow down. We spend more time together as a family and enjoy the little things. We go for walks almost every day together. We aren’t running around after work, getting kids to sporting events, then home to quickly eat dinner, take showers and get homework done. It has really made us think about what Is important.

How are you supporting others? 
My daughter and I have been making masks to donate to nursing homes, families, friends and other places that are in need. Each day I am thankful that my family and friends are healthy.

What inspires you during this challenging time? 
My family, students, friends… everyone out there doing their part to help fight this virus.

Can you offer any advice for others to get through this?
Try to keep your routine as normal as possible and find the positive in the situation we are in. Enjoy the little things that we often are too busy to notice.



Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.